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Carnival vs. RCCL



My 18 year old accompanied me on the Pride last May and according to her, she found it to be anything BUT Booooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!!! She will tell you that she had a blast!!!! Do you need my phone number to verify?????


I agree that the RC crowd generally goes to bed by 10. I was on RC once and would never go with them again. We had leftovers on two nights, the entertainment was like watching a high school talent show and the staff didn't really seam to care that much.

I have been on Carnival 8 times and never been dissapointed!

As for the teen issue, usually the ages between 14 and 18 are really tough to keep entertained. Activities or any planned event is considered way to childish for them. You all remeber those years, you want to be independent but cant (not to mention that you'd do almost anything to steal a drink).
I would probably be bored to!

Best advice for teens - see if they can have some of there friends come along!

Benjamin Smith

I think of RCI ships as activity ships. Going to sleep early? Any ship line can go to sleep early depending on the age and preference of pax but that's not what RCI is known for. There's tons of activities, it depends on what you are used to. I sailed the Explorer last Christmas and people talk about ice skating and rock climbing but these 2 features really aren't the huge, most noticeable features of the ship. The most noticeable features of the Voyager class ships is the royal promenade where they have parades and something of a main street/mallish feel to it and is pretty much the center of activity and main meeting space for the ship. This you can't miss but you can certainly miss both the ice skating rink and the rock climbing wall. The Centrum area is RCI.

On the Explorer the ship was anything but mellow. Go on Celebrity or HAL, those are mellow, especially HAL. RCI is a lot more active.