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Carnival's Jubilee no more

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jester95008, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    I heard about the rumor but wanted to get some details on this one since it was the first ship I'd been on..
  2. travelbugs

    travelbugs Guest

    Hi there,

    The Jubilee has been sold to P & O and will be running out of Sydney, Australia, as the Pacific Sun, starting in October 2004 after a $35 million (au) refurbishment. They are promoting it as the biggest ship ever to be regularly running out of Australia. My wife and I are booked to sail on it on the new year's cruise.

    12/27/2004 Pacific Sun
  3. Drommom

    Drommom Guest

    Cruised on the Jubilee in 1986 when it was brand new...Lovely ship then..
  4. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Also just got word that the Jubilee sailing on July 26th has been cancelled. Not sure why. I looked in cruise tracker and didn't see any addicts on that sailing.

    Post Edited (07-24-04 16:47)
  5. glamatomic

    glamatomic Guest

    Yeah, they've been having engine problems with the Jubilee for a long time- she honestly *does* need a full refurbishment before she heads to Australia.

    The Jubilee (Pacific Sun) will be sailing permanently out of Sydney, while P&O Australia's current flag ship, the Pacific Sky (former Sky Princess- the one from the 1980s) will be permanently based out of Brisbane.

    What Australia REALLY needs though is a DECENT megaship with decent prices, based permanently out of Australia. We've got a terrible habit of just ending up with old rejects =) No offence to the Jubilee- I'm sure she's lovely, but the idea of a '1980s' ship doesn't really enthrall my friends too much unfortunately.

    We're going on the Carnival Paradise later this year when we are in the USA, if we like it enough we'll probably go on a cruise out of Australia one day. We were thinking about going on the SuperStar Leo when she was here (now operated by NCL) but our cash flow wasn't fabulous seeing as we're spending a couple of months in the states in September-October.

    I'd like to definately know what Australian cruisers think of the old Jubilee first though before I go on her. I mean, I hate to be a 'ship snob', but if all the horror stories I've heard about her horribly vibrating engines, and uneffective stabilizers are true- then I wouldn't want to be on her for 2 weeks in the middle of the pacific ocean!

    I am glad that Australia is finally getting a semi-decent sized ship though. Australia desperately needs it... they sent the old Oriana to Asia, scrapped the old Canberra, scrapped the P&O Fairstar (tiny ship anyhow) after about 50 years of service, and the Fair Princess only lasted a few years in Australia (she was already about 50 when she came here I think) before she was sent to Asia as well. We haven't had much luck with the ship market have we? I believe the new Pacific Princess sails out of Australia but not year round- she's like, shared with the US, which is a shame. And she's too expensive anyhow. Oh well, c'est la vie!

    I'd definately, definately like to get recent information about the Jubilee though. Sadly they are painting her up with those ghastly blue and yellow 'P&O Australia' stripes though, all around her hull. I think they should just leave her plain white.

    Anyway I'd better stop whinging ;) I'm starting to sound like a spoiled brat =P
  6. DanielR2004

    DanielR2004 Guest

    Will the Holiday and Celebration be relocated too?

  7. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Don't know the players without a scorecard? CCL is moving lots of ships in the next few months.

    Jubilee is leaving the CCL fleet.

    Celebration is moving to Jacksonville to replace Jubilee.

    Ecstacy is moving to Galveston to replace Celebration.

    Paradise is adding ashtrays and will be no longer non-smoking. She moves to Los Angeles to replace Ecstacy.

    Holiday is moving to Mobile, Alabama.

    Sensation is moving to New Orleans to replace Holiday.

    Inspiration continues sailing from Tampa but replaces Sensation on the 4 - 5 night cruises and Miricle replaces Inspiration cruising the 7 night Western Caribbean out of Tampa.

    There will be a test later.... =)

  8. DanielR2004

    DanielR2004 Guest

    If you ask me, they should have done away with the Holiday.

  9. Cruiser-Jake

    Cruiser-Jake Guest

    I sailed on Jubilee on 5/15/2004. I thought that the ship was beautiful, lots of fun, and We will miss it Very much. Austraila better treat her well, She was a great addition to the CCL fleet. She will be missed:( We had a wonderful time on her:)
  10. sippora

    sippora Guest

    I'm confused. Jubilee doesn't sail on the 26th (today) Did you mean the 29th? That's when I'm sailing. I haven't recieved a call from my TA saying it's been cancelled. Should I be concerned? Thanks.

    "Also just got word that the Jubilee sailing on July 26th has been cancelled. Not sure why. I looked in cruise tracker and didn't see any addicts on that sailing."
  11. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Just gort off the phone with Carnival. They had sent us some erronius information. Jubilee is scheduled to sail on the 29th so you're good to go!!

    Bon Voyage,

  12. sippora

    sippora Guest

    Thank you Michael!
  13. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    No Problem Robyn...sorry if the incorrect info we received the other day caused you to worry. Have a great trip!!

  14. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    I agree with Daniel , why didn't they sell the Holiday or the Celebration instead? The Jubilee is quite lovely and well balanced. Plus remember the Celebration in 1995 had a problem with its sewer system and on one cruise had a back up in their lines as well as the engine got turned off. The Celebration was floating in the middle of the ocean for 3 days .

    Carnival ended up having another of its fleet come pick up the passengers on that cruise. It was on David Letterman even and he was cracking jokes about this.

    If you ask me , I wouldn't have minded being stuck out in the ocean on a cruise... Just means more cruise time for me and 50% off my next one.

    Does anyone here remember this?

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