Carnival's New Loyalty Program


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Anyone here have any information regarding Carnival's new loyalty program? Seems like some sources have leaked information but nobody has anything concrete yet.


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I just copied this from John Healds Facebook page...

There has been lots of questions about the loyalty program and just before I head to the handover ceremony I thought you all deserved to know the following which is in Q and A form for you

I also want to personally thank you for the feedback and please know that the beards are reading through everything and while we aren't ready to announce the new program in its entirety, I did want to hopefull...y help answer a couple of questions that have been raised.

Q: When will the new program launch?

A: We are targeting a June 11th announcement. On the 11th, all members will be able to see their program status and cruise history via The program will take effect on sailings departing on or after June 25th. We still have some technical work to do, but the above dates are what we are shooting for.

Q: What if I'm currently Platinum and fall short of the 75 days qualification?

A: All current Platinum guests will remain Platinum regardless of the number of days (unless of course you have 200+ days, in which case you will become a Diamond member)

Q: I'm really close to reaching 10 cruises, do I now need to reach 75 days in order to become Platinum?

A: Anyone with nine (9) sailings will earn Platinum status in the new program by taking one sailing of any length within one year of the program effective date, June 25, 2012.

Anyone with eight (8) sailings will earn Platinum status in the new program by taking two sailings of any length within 18 months of the program effective date, June 25, 2012.

Q: What is happening to the Milestone program?

A: The Milestone program will remain in place and unchanged.

Please hold off on questions as I cant answer or say anything else until on or around the 11th June. cheers


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On the Carnival Web site it states if you take your 10th cruise by December 31, 2013 you will be a Platium member not June 25, 2013.