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Carribean Princess / Any Questions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by PrincessJennifer, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Just off the april 3rd Inagural voyage ship is gorgous food is great! Any questions?
  2. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest

    Hey Princess Jennifer!

    I was also on this cruise. Wasn't it wonderful? We had the best time...beautiful ship! Wish we could have stayed on longer.

  3. snippitts

    snippitts Guest

    If we ate dinner in the Horizon Court on formal nights would we get the same dining room food??
  4. Keisele

    Keisele Guest

    What were your cabins like and where were they located? So, you say the food was good, well please tell us what was served!
  5. Bretdeb,
    It was ok the ship was very beautiful but I felt that the ship was very overrun with teen's college students and kid's don't get me wrong but where was the supervision?

    we were on the Baja deck in the back of the boat port side and it was very quiet and our balcony was huge. I did enjoy the first 15 minutes under the stars the the sea air got to me and i fell asleep lol. Jen
  6. Dear Snip,
    No Horizon court does not serve the same menu as the main dining rooms there is a large variety and the only dishes that repeat are the breakfast dishes and the still throw some new and different things in. Formal Dress matters in the diningroom on formal night only hope this helps Jen
  7. Dear Keisele,
    Cafe' Caribe served a lovely seafood menu crab leg's lobster tails ox tails curry chicken shrimp they also had some wonderful ham and beef dishes don't miss sabitini's 10 ++ rating all around food was excellent and service top notch steakhouse was bad though wait was long and tables were available food was good but cold and the service was slow very slow room service was nonexistant. our state room was on the Baja deck in the rear port side B-749 if you look on princess site under ships you can see that it was larger our balcony was huge and very private. we had 2 lounge chairs a small table and the usual i call it bistro set and still had plenty of walk around space hope this helps any more questions feel free to ask Jen
  8. JPancake

    JPancake Guest

    Thanks PrincessJennifer for the details on Cafe Caribe. I'm very happy to hear that they have crab legs. Are the same items at Cafe Caribe offered all of the time or does it change day to day?

    Thanks Again,
  9. Dear JPancake,
    We did Cafe Caribe 2 times and both times it was different we cut through there going to our elevators coming from the center pool area and saw them making steak fresh for passengers one night so I think it's safe to say yes the menu does change the only things that were consistant were the burger place and the pizza place and the icecream was really good a must have my Fiancee' had the crab legs and loved them they were huge he went back for more any mor questions feel free Jen
  10. ginza17

    ginza17 Guest

    Is the refridgerator in the stateroom stocked when you get onboard???
  11. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest

    Our fridge was not stocked. I can't answer about other cabins, but I would guess the same as ours.
  12. marc334

    marc334 Guest

    hi-am sailing carr pric-5/8-did you do any room service-can you get trdional hot brkfast delvrd to your room -no chrge???
  13. dana

    dana Guest


    also how was thre nightly enteraiment? was the pool open 24 hrs a day? Did they

    have a lot of jacuzzi?

    how much did they charge for Bingo?

    Were all the ship activiites teelvised in the stateroom?

    did you order om service? what was the menu like?

    how were the desserts?

    Did you eat at Sterling steakhouse?


  14. dbdb9116

    dbdb9116 Guest

    Would you be able to tell me if massages were offerred on Princess Cays? Thank you in advance.
  15. lol dana your full of questions!! I'll do my best..........here we go!
    PETE No I stocked my fridge they are also turned off so check yours once you get in

    1. We chose personal choice dining so we missed the theme nights however i think there is a pirate night i saw the pic's from that.
    2. 1st night comedy in princess theater, tina turner concert on jumbo tv @ the pool (this was great) various bands in the bar's and a whole evening of entretainment in club fusion
    3. latest I was @ the pool was 3am and water was there so I guess that would be a yes lol
    4.I counted 7 jacuzzi's 2 @ the spa pool 2@ neptunes pool 2@ calypso pool and 1 large one in the kid's area
    5. bingo was $20.00 charged to your stateroom account
    6.they would broadcast some in house programs like shopping with cindy and the cruise directors would do a morning show but mostly the would brodcast just the pool area and play calypso music.
    7. room service was horrible i heard they only had one line and getting through was next to impossible except @ 6am and we just ordered coffee that came very quick however as the day wore on room service was slim to none the menu was nice we only ordered pastries and the turkey sandwich which was good.
    8. New york cheesecake was yummy i am not a fan of goodies but i loved the cheesecake
    (I hope your sitting down for this one)
    9. The Steakhouse was miserable food was tasty but cold on arrival we made our reservation on monday for friday @ 9pm and still waited 45 minutes for a table in an empty restraunt once seated the waiter was totally scatterbrained and unorganized we waited at least 15 minutes between courses and never got requested fountain drinks i felt it was not worth the $15.00p/p cover charge however.....if you do go be advised you are allowed to order multiple itims from the menu!!!! I strongly suggest you do this to get your money's worth .

    Hope this helped will be happy to answer more questions for you Jen
  16. dbdb9116,

    I just looked at the p-cays handout and see nothing about massage i also did not see and tables set up while there Jen
  17. dbdb9116

    dbdb9116 Guest

    Thanks for the answer!
  18. jewlz

    jewlz Guest

  19. Sandyjabs

    Sandyjabs Guest

    What time can you start boarding the ship? On the paper work I see 12:00 - should we be there earlier than that?
    What excursions did you go on?

    Sailing JUNE 12TH
  20. dana

    dana Guest

    what time does the ship dock in ft lauderdale at the end of the cruise?

    also on the private island is there alot to do such as any shopping?

    do they have those big hammocks? Also can you schedule a massage on the beach?


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