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Carribean Princess / Any Questions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by PrincessJennifer, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. bretdeb

    bretdeb Guest


    - It seemed we were docked by 6:00 AM, and started disembarking at 8:30 AM.

    - There were some shopping on the island...I didn't see any hammocks or massages being offered.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Sandyjabs

    Sandyjabs Guest

    Did most women wear long dresses for formal night? I am not a huge fan of dresses at all and would rather wear a cocktail length dress, but I dont want to feel out of place or underdressed.
  3. dana

    dana Guest


    did you get my e-mail with my fax #?

    please let me know


  4. Pat N

    Pat N Guest

    Thank you for your info, Jen...much appreciated.
    My questions are about the Caribe Cafe. I have heard some say it is a buffet set up, and others have said it is table service....which is it? Also, what type of attire are people wearing to this? More casual than the dining rooms? Thanks, Pat
  5. hi sandy,
    we usually arrive after 12 but i have heard that boarding starts promptly and i have never had to wait in line to get on the ships princess really has a great system and after traveling for several hours it's very refreshingto hop on board and grab a drink and a meal @ horizon ct make sure to pack your baithing suit in your carry on so you can change and get comfortable as soon as you arrive we didn't do this on our first cruise and were stuck in jeans until after sailing due to the delay in your luggage coming up........Jen
  6. hey Dana
    yes i got it and will send just give me a few days Jen
  7. Dear Sandy,
    I don't even own a long gown I hate them cause I am very clumsy and end up caught up in the hem and on the floor!!! lol however i wore a dressy pantsuit as well as a flirty abobe the knee dress and felt very glam so no need to worry Jen
  8. Hi Pat,
    Interesting you should ask when we arrived at cafe carib we were escorted to our seats and asked what we would like to drink the wait staff does get drinks for you it is buffet style and you do get your own food and the foodwas good so ENJOY!!! Jen
  9. cruzinfamof3

    cruzinfamof3 Guest

    Is there ice cream on board all the time? I've heard there's an ice cream shop but it costs extra. My daughter just loved the free-flowing self service ice cream on our last cruise!
  10. sunnyv

    sunnyv Guest

    Has anyone had a mini-suite on the Emerald deck? We have E731 booked and wondered if anyone has heard noise from the Club Fusion below. Or has anyone heard other reports from those who have had these cabins?
  11. david d

    david d Guest

    if you order food off the room service menu is it free?
  12. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    Yes room service is free, but we always tip the person who makes the delivery.

  13. Hello Princess Jennifer, Could you tell me (first time cruiser) if we have made a poor choice of cabin location on the Caribbean Princess? We are on Emerald deck, at rear of ship (E727) Is engine vibration likely to be felt, or motion from water? Is one permitted in Horizon Court in shorts midday? I assume if you eat in the outside area that is ok. Do you have a room service menu (not breakfast) Thank you.
  14. marc334

    marc334 Guest

    i am on a747 aloha-from what i have read so far the are nice locations-i am also a first time cruiser-you may also want to check www.cruise critic .com-there is a lot of info on their boards
  15. cruisetogo

    cruisetogo Guest

    Hi there, I'm planning to book this cruiseship the third week in Aug. It's a toss up between this ship and Celebrity Century. I have 2 teenagers, 19 and 15 and they seem to prefer the newer ship. This will be our first time cruising. Any comments?
  16. Our cruise is not until July 3rd. I hope to have some really nice things to say once I get back. It is all new to us too, never having cruised before. It sure is exciting!! Hope we both enjoy our cruises.
  17. NancyK

    NancyK Guest

    Karen - just read your message - we are also on the July 3rd sailing - Caribbean Princess - we almost have the cabin right below you - we are in D728 and our friends are in D718. This is my 3rd cruise but Radtech and family who will be sailing with us - this is (I think) is their 13th cruise... It is our first Princess cruise - we have heard from quite a few people on cruise critics - planning to meet somewhere on the ship. Stay in touch. Who are you sailing with?? Any kids?? NancyK
  18. SF

    SF Guest

    Heard the Cafe Caribe had mostly spicy food, is this true? I'm hoping they have some dishes that are similar to what was served in the Horizon Court for the dinner buffet on Grand/Golden. I heard there's lobster and crab legs but two of the people in our group don't like seafood so what other type of food do they serve?

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