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Castaway at Malfini Beach / Labadee

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by dmac, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. dmac

    dmac Guest

    Is Malfini Beach Labadee worth $50:00 all info would help . Sailing Navigator Of The Seas 01/10/04
  2. dbulloc2

    dbulloc2 Guest

    I am also seeking info to your question. I am sailing NOS on Nov.29,03. I have searched the internet for Malfini Beach and have come up with nothing. If you hear of anything let me know.
  3. dmac

    dmac Guest

    dbulloc2 this may help

    1 go to reviews top of page

    2 go to read cruise reviews

    3 selet a specific curise line & ship

    4 royal caribbean navigator

    5 read CHARLENE review
  4. irishlassie4

    irishlassie4 Guest

    we just returned from the caribbean on the navigator of the seas and we went on the castaway at malfini beach excursion. i would DEFINATELY recommend this to anyone looking to relax. there were about 20 guests from our ship at malfini. yes, 20!!! it is georgous, secluded, and quiet beach with crystal clear waters. the owners of the private beach provide floating mats for the ocean and masks for snorkeling. drinks are served in a coconut cup. it was well worth the money to go to malfini beach. it is beautiful and hidden in the the mountains of haiti which made it really feel like we were castaways on an island. i wish we could of stayed at malfini for more than 3 hours because we returned to find crowded and loud beaches at labadee. i strongly suggest castaway at malfini for people of all ages!!!! almost forgot - BOOK EARLY- we booked malfini about one month before the cruise on the royal caribbean website

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  5. dmac

    dmac Guest

    Thank You irishlassie

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