casual lasagna info



really the most helpfull posts yall left here, i will print this post out and add it to my cooking scrap book :) thanks yall


Dusky, don't let us scare you off....I am sure you will make a good one. Every chef has their own recipe ;) Bon Appetite!


hi again duskbat-

i read this quote somewhere and have found that it is true:

" never fear the ingredients. they will know and misbehave" :chef

Cruise cutie

=hammer.. NO COOK Lasagne noodles.=eek..

.Oy.. and Dear me.. I can hear/feel... my late grandfather who came over on the boat from Italy in 1916..rolling in his grave..:puke.. they are so full of starch, as they are not boiled, and drained.. and SO HEAVY in the meal..yuck..Boil fresh cooked Lasagne noodles, and drain them on papertowels; laid out to cool, and drain off starch..!!.. and the same as Gayle for Marinara.. I make my own, never that store stuff, nor Marie Stouffer's or whatever..frozen stuff....

AND even more important.. using COTTAGE cheese in Lasagne.. =grrr... el cheapo not to be tolerated on our table..just cheaping out on cottage cheese alone makes it soupy ,and yuck...=shrug..WHOLE Milk Ricotta cheese is in mine...Never cottage cheese..:( for cheese.. it's Mozzarella.. and WHOLE milk.. never skim at a block, and I shred my own!! if we are going to blow the whole carbs out of the sky.. we make it ALL from scratch.. and only the most primo ingredients.. .VIVA Real lasagne..!!
and as for non Stick Reynolds wrap//or Pam Spray..

Gotta love those lady engineers in the kitchen who got that in gear!!..:thumb....JMHO =twocents.....:)..Joanne


Oh sistah I am so glad you said that. I did try those no cook noodles once and blah blah pstttttt tssskkkk yuck. I thought it was me!


Okay, I give up on the no cook noodles. DH makes lasagna with them and they taste delish =shrug I had to question the cottage cheese too. I have an AMAZING recipe for "lazy lazagna" which is more like a road house lasagna, but really good, and it uses cottage cheese, ground beef and green peppers. It's more an Italian casserole, but really good. As I said, my DH is the champion lasagna maker ( and he's Irish :lol) but I have made a pretty good dish with that new Ragi lasagna maker (it's in an hour glass jar) that has meat and sausage in it. Turns out great! Now I am going to lock my door. Very afraid Joanne and Gayle are going to be there and thrash me with wet noodles =whiteflag If you need any chicken recipes, :phone me :grin

Cruise cutie

:wave.. well it was my =twocents.. and not even worth that on a good day to many's all in our you're raised, your tolerance for substitutions with "family recipes".. or as it were ancestry of being raised..and of course the tried and true moniker of many a working Mom.. it's this or nothing.. I have NO TIME!!..

I happen to be a take no enemies.. and make it from home-made cook in our home.. it's always been an absolute number one priority ..through all 5 children.. and that was through dance classes, soccer, baseball, football, karate, cross-country ,jazz classes ,catechism, and cheerleading.. but then again that's me, and in our family..

=shrug..and me doing this was me in the Kitchen /Dining Room where the kids congregated, and brought home all their buddies to have food.. typical of.. they were all at MY house.. so I knew what my kids ate, and who they hung out with.. they were all at my house..:grin..but if cooking, cleaning, and preparing is NOT your thing.. then whatever works does..

if store bought, or "cheat methods" meet another palate ..I am so glad for them.. just for me the " Ideal way to prepare".. is the way it is...

and that is why when I have a novice cook ask how I prepare.. and it's all the way home-made I will say's nice that different strokes for different folks works.. Bon Appetit Y'all...:chef..Joanne

Gayle V

Joanne is right, it's all in what you've been used to all your life. The foods my Mom cooked only taste good to me prepared her way. But when it comes to the kind of things she never made, I am easily satisfied.

One example is pierogis. I never even saw one till I was over twenty years old. Trying one was a reveleation. Yumm! I love them, and happily buy the ones they sell in the meat department at the grocery. Whereas my close girlfriend, (whose family is Polish) thinks those things aren't worth feeding to her dog. For her family it's got to be home made pierogis, or none at all. She'll serve her family Ragu pasta sauce :puke, but her potatoe pancakes are to die for. It's how you're raised.


San Marzano canned WHOLE tomatoes to make the gravy; and then blend them

make the sauce yourself... healthier, fresher, that way