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Caymans & Capt Marvins

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Missmissypie068, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. We'll be on the Carnival Conquest and in port at the Grand Caymans from 7-4 p.m. I'm leaning towards taking a Captain Marvins Stingray tour. He offers a 2.5 hour tour, a half day or a full day that ends at 3 p.m. What have others done? Wondering if the 2.5 is long enough? Or would you recommend more time? Thanks!
  2. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I cant recall exactly how long ours took, but we went to the Coral Gardens then Stingray City. It seemed a little short on time, but then we did have plenty of time to do other things. We had also booked a tour on the Atlantis sub. So for us, I guess the shorter one worked out. A tour ending at 3 is cutting it a little close, you will need to be back aboard at 3:30 if you are scheduled to depart at 4.
  3. Maybe Ole Capt Marvin is busy, but I'm starting to wonder. I sent in my reservation info a couple of days ago and have heard nada back. I just sent another email. If he's a bust, what other companies are good??
  4. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

  5. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

  6. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I think you really cant go wrong on any of the other ones recommended here. Im surprised Capt Marvs is taking their time in answering you, they really did excel in the customer service area when we used them. If you have to email again, tell them you would like a confirmation of your reservation or you will seek out another tour company. That should get a response. Good luck.... you will have a good time, whichever company you use.

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  7. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Captain Marvin is definitely not a bust! We had a great time and like Camelia, got great customer service. I think they have a phone number to call...?
  8. RC53483

    RC53483 Guest

    Just out of curiosity Missy, did you send your email through an AOL email address? I booked with Stingray City Charters in January, and didn't hear back for a couple days so of course I started to get worried...I called the company and they said that they had emailed me all the info I needed, but it was no where to be found in my email. They were happy to send me the info again but still nothing showed up in my mailbox....then I decided to check my spam mail and lo and behold it was there.....For some reason the confirmation email and stuff was sent straight to spam-stupid AOL....anyway, just a thought! :)

  9. Hi all!

    I don't think the no response is due to aol because I've turned off the spam blocker ( it was blocking old friends, etc! haha ). I'll double check on that, but I'm fairly certain their email would make it. I'll send a final email asking if I need to check with others and/or call them. Thanks for the other recommendations if Capt Marvins doesn't work out! :)
  10. Just an update: I got an email from Captain Marvins this morning, so we're in! yeahhhhhhhh. Maybe the delay was just because of the weekend?
  11. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Glad it all got straightened out, you will be pleased with Capt Marvins. We loved them, and will use them again later this year.
  12. kizzinkuz

    kizzinkuz Guest

    We will be on the Conquest first week of Jan 2, 2004. Yes, long time to wait. But, I'm wondering what's the water temp. at that time of year. Thanks
  13. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Hi Kizz.... hey start a new thread with this question, it will get more response out on its own. Sorry, I dont have an answer for you, closest Ive sailed to Jan was Nov. Weather was great! Not sure about Jan though.
  14. melody

    melody Guest

    Does this Capt. Marvin have a website you can share. I will be going in Sept. and looking for a great deal.

  15. Natalia

    Natalia Guest


    edited to add: for Stingray tours, look under "snorkel trips" on the left side of the page.

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  16. amb

    amb Guest

    On the Rhapsody last week, we did the ship excursion to Stingray City. I was very impressed with the crew members on the boat that got into the water, and had us kissing the rays for good luck. I bought a dvd of our tour, and it is very good.
  17. D.

    D. Guest

    Hi amb,

    read that you where on the Rhapsody just recently! We're sailing on this ship July 4th.
    How was your overall experience? What is the age range of the people on the ship? I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 27 - are there a lot of people our age? What can we expect?

  18. sodostan

    sodostan Guest

    We took Captain Marvin's half-day tour for snorkeling, sting rays, etc. last October. Absolutely no complaints. Will use him again in February on a group cruise with extended family. Did everything through his website.

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