Celebrity Century - where to snorkel in Nassau & St. Maarten?


Dave m

I will be sailing on the Century this weekend & still have not found the best place to snorkel from the beach when i get to St. Maarten. I have heard some beaches in the north (french side) are good.

Also, i have not been able to find a single place that is recommended for snorkeling when i get to Nassau. i assume that i will take a water taxi to Paradise Island, but where shall i go when i get there? I heard most hotels on the beaches try to charge you $ to use their beach. I just want to drop my towel on the beach and hit the water.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


P.S. since we are in San Juan from 4:30 til about midnight - i guess most of the cool stuff is not available (rainforest tours). I heard i should just watch the sunset or take pictures of the boat. Whoopie (BTW - the excursions didn't appeal to me) - any tips?


In Nassau you can go snorkeling at "Blue Lagoon Island" (AKA Salt Key). They also have "Swim With Dolphins". Paradise Island "Atlantis Hotel" has a nice beach and aquarium but I think that they now charge a fee to participate.
Phil & Linda

Lex Luthor


I will also be on the Century sailing the on the 5th...flying to Ft Lauderdale on Friday.

Your right about san Juan, not much to do there but sunset pics. On St Thomas we were going to do the Sea Treking thing at Coki Beach then snorkle there afterward.
On St Maarten we were going on the sunken ship snorkle excursion, then find another beach afterward to do 'our own thing' on.
On Nassau it looks like Atlantis water park for us.



Carolyn Schmitt

We were in San Juan about 5 years ago. We were delayed getting into port by strong winds and missed the rainforest tour. We opted to go on an excursion to the Old San Juan Hotel & Casino for a flaminco (sp?) show that evening instead. (Don't know if that will be an option on your cruise.)

We arrived early and were allowed to leave the showroom and go to the casino across the hall. My husband and I were impressed when we entered the hotel by the huge, beautiful chandelier and the carved woodwork at the hotel and decided we would like to see more. We asked one of the employees if it was okay to take a look around and we believe that he was surprised that we didn't want to go to the casino and he told us where to go to see the beautiful surroundings. We toured the inside and the outside areas of the hotel. What a beautiful place!! The outside pool and beach area is not to be missed! That in itself was worth the trip for us.

The show was good. The guitar player is no spring chicken and he keeps playing non-stop throughout the show.

Hope you have a wonderful time, Carol