Celebrity Century



April 2006 is about 3 years over due.Celebrity need's to get thier ships in to dry dock and refurb. them on a more timely basis. They let them go to long and they become a turn off.If they are going to remain a Premium line they need to start performing like one in area's ther than just service.HAL has seen the light and is doing everything they can to improve. X need's to step up to the plate also or they will not survive in a thight market place. Viet


we also sailed on the century east & west carribean christmas before last & we were appalled then by the state of the cabins. my parents had a suite & we had an outside cabin. their suite was in a worse condition than our cabin, furniture & carpets were heavily stained bedspead was not washed & had god know what on it! mattresses were stained & no padding left on the springs - replaced straight away with brand new rock hard ones. take a padded duvet to lay on!!!
outside chairs were all rusty & broken were replaced by plastic ones eventually. rails were all rusty & paint was peeling off everywhere outside on the ship. there were maintence crews working on this problem but the whole ship was covered with slivers of old varnish off the handrails where they had scraped it off & it blew everywhere even into the cabins.
however the food & service were first class & had it not been for this redeeming factor, we would have transfered to the Princess ship docked opposite after out first week!
we had vowed never to sail with celebrity again & went on the NCL dream around south america. this was also an old ship but it was IMMCAULATE! food in self service was poor but main restuarants were excellent.
having said all the above we are currently booked on the constellation 20th may 2006 around the baltic in cc class cabin which cost us £1499 each as they have such good deals on at the moment!
I am hoping the standard of furnishings etc will have not deterioated by the time we sail!!!


Thank you so much for all this info...I think I'm picking the right ship..

Thanks again!!