Celebrity Constellation ports of call September 2009


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We're going transatlantic on Constellation departing Harwich on 5th September calling at Le Havre & Cherbourg (France), Cork & Dublin (Ireland), Greenock (Scotland, when we can nip home to Fife for a change of clothes!), Rekjavik (Iceland), St Johns (Newoundland), Saint John (New Brunswick) finishing at Cape Liberty.
Can anyone advise how close the ship will dock to the City centre at any of these ports?
Also, we're disembarking at Cape Liberty around 10:00 and don't fly home from Newark until 22:15. Is it possible to do a quick tour of New York in this amount of time, or does anyone know if Celebrity arrange a sightseeing tour? Seems a shame to go all that way and be stuck all day in an airport hotel before flying home! Thanks!!


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I can't help with the Old country ports. St. John's Nfld/Lab you will be right downtown and should be able to walk it OK unless they have put up some blocks since I was there. (It was a while ago.) Great harbour entrance don't miss it.
If you are off the ship by 10 AM even without a tour you could taxi to the train station in Newark (not very far) and head into New York. Exit at whatever station you would get off for Madison Gardens and when you hit the streets you are maybe two blocks from time square. Hop on off bus ticket sellers are easy to find. Luggage ??
I'm sure =X= will have a tour and that they will have an answer for that also though if you don't want to do it on your own. Newark itself is not the greatest spot in the world.

There are not a lot of folks that do TA's or Europe that frequent this forum so if I may make a suggestion. Try the same question on our Q&A board.

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Okay, so Newark is the best airport to fly home from by far. Much less congested than JFK or LaGuardia.

Sadly, unlike before, it seems X now only offers post cruise hotel stays (another kickback)

Newark is just a big seedy city, but it's only 20-30 minutes from NYC. I would try to find anyone willing to share a van fee with you and go to NYC, take in a Broadway show matinee, see Rockefeller Center, Times Square and shop. You'll have more than enough time to have a wonderful day in New York and even do dinner. Since NY is one of the greatest cities in the world, if you've never been, definitely investigate some more and plan a day trip.

You've got 12 whole hours. Find a place for baggage - and get to NYC. No, there won't be a single thing to do in Newark but go to the airport, and that won't work either, since you can't check in until 3 hours before the flight. So, looks like you're going to the Big Apple!! Enjoy!! I do get up there often, so if you have specific questions about NY, I'll try to help.


Dear Friends,

Several years ago, we had a wonderful Trans-Atlantic trip on the Celebrity Constellation. It was so nice, we will be on the ship again for 2 weeks beginning July 11 for the Baltic cruise.

Our transatlantic itinerary was changed due to really rough seas at Iceland. So, after Ireland, we headed south. On the way, we stopped for an emergency helicopter evacuation of someone, and then we continued on to Vigo, Spain. Then we headed out across the atlantic. All in all, despite the change, it was a wonderful trip...

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We took a cross Atlantic cruise on The Constellation in April 2007. Three of the ports we stopped at were, Le Havre, Cork & Dublin. Le Havre & Dublin were both in commercial docking areas. A bus or tour was needed to get to the towns themselves. The Cork dock is in Cobh, a lovely town on a hill, with a beautiful cathedral. This is a docking you want to be on deck for. There is a railroad station right at the dock where you can catch a train if you want to do your own thing in Cork. In La Havre we took a tour to Monet's house & gardens, also the city of Rouen with the lovely Rouen Cathedral. We had one of the best meals I have ever had served for lunch at a water mill in the countryside between Monet's place & Rouen. That was one of the best tours I have ever taken. In Dublin we did the Guiness tour as I am a big fan of Guinness. It was very interesting, at least to me. Don't remember where we went in Cork. I'll ask my wife when she gets home.

Enjoy, Paul S


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Since you said St John, New Brunswick, not St John, Newfoundland as someone else above mentioned, you will be right in the middle of town when you dock. About 2 blocks from down town.


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OP said both St. John & St. John's lol.

Thanks for the info on St. John. I haven't been there ... ever.