Celebrity Cruise,not as expected

Just got back from a 16 day repo. cruise to So. America on Celebrity Infinity.
The food was absolutely horrible as well as the ports.Everyone said Celebrity was a " step above the others". Not from our experiences after taking 14 cruises around the world

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I just got off the Infinty mid November. I guess there must have been a lot of changes because my cruise experience was the exact opposite. Most unfortunate for you.

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I really disliked my food in MDR on Celebrity, however specialty restaurants were great and ship was beautiful and I would try them again


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I think you have to realize that "food" is pretty much subjective...What one person loves, another hates and vice versa...
Your taste may differ completely with mine...
And the ports? Not exactly Celebrity's fault...All the cruise lines go to those same ports...
You chose your itinerary...

I've cruised 39 times on eight different cruise lines...and, in my humble opinion, Celebrity is clearly a step (or two or three) above most of the others...
But every cruise line (or most of them) do some things well and other things not so well...

What Celebrity does incredibly well...and some of these things are objective and quantifyable...is to give you the roomiest ships---better space per passenger ratios...and service--better crew per passenger ratios...Very rarely on Celebrity do you have lines or crowds or trouble finding a seat in the showroom or in a lounge...

I just got off my second Princess cruise in six weeks...and so I can compare these to Celebrity. On Princess, there was a long line for the Anytime Dining Rooms or for breakfast and lunch at EVERY meal...I've never had to wait for a table on Celebrity. The captain even warned us to show up at least a half an hour early to get seats for the show in the main showroom...Alas, for a magic show on Golden, we showed up only 20 minutes early and were unable to find a single available seat. On the Crown, we found the same experience for a magician in the Explorer's Lounge...Simply not enough seats in these venues for the number of passengers on board. On Celebrity, the venues are more than ample for the number of passengers and seating is NEVER a problem,

Another big difference is the standard cabin...it's not the square footage as much as the layout, but the standard cabin on Princess has room only for a bed and a chair...On Celebrity, even iun the inside cabins, you get a bed and a sitting area wioth a small sofa and a cocktail table. "Obstructed View cabins on Celebrity (found only on S-Class) means you have a lifeboat below you, only, in most cases, up to the level of your balcony floor or, at worst, the railing--but can see very well over them...On Princess, obstructed view means the lifeboat, in most cases, is blkocking your entire window--your view is the orange wall of the lifeboat. We just sailed in what Princess called an UNOBSTRUCTED view cabin and, though tou could see straight out, the view was completely obstructed up, down and forward due to equipment, overhangs and platforms...

And I won't even go into the problems with Carnival or NCL.

The only cruise line on which we've sailed that is on a par with Celebrity is Oceania...and I've heard many good things about HAL--though we haven't cruised with them...

But, as far as Princess, Carnival, NCL and even Celebrity's sister line RCCL (which I think is possibly the best for families and young people due to the amenities and entertainmnet), Clebrity is clearly a major step above...BUT, you really can't judge cruise lines by your individual taste in food...and especially can't judge them based on how much you enjoyed or didn't enjoy the ports on your itinerary...


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Well said Steve. We have had different experiences on different cruise lines. Have never judged on food. Do like Royal Caribbean and have had 1 bad and 1 OK and 1 good experience on Princess but things happen. Didn't let it ruin our cruise and if price and all are right will return to Princess. Go with an open mind and enjoy.
Before I read your posts, I thought this was a cruise with celebrities. Haha.

Thanks for the warning! I'm looking for a cruise for my wife and I for the fall, I'll try to steer clear of them.


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Before I read your posts, I thought this was a cruise with celebrities. Haha.

Thanks for the warning! I'm looking for a cruise for my wife and I for the fall, I'll try to steer clear of them.
I wouldn't know where to begin...
But if you will "steer clear" of anything after reading one brief, detail-lacking negative message board post, then your not cruising anywhere with anyone...and never eating in any restaurant...or buying any product...
Search enough cruise message boards or review sites and you'll find that Celebrity (Funny that you didn't even know it was a cruise line) has overwhelmingly positive reviews...and you'll find EVERY cruise line has some people who walk away complaining...In fact, there are posters who complain about everything all the time--just their nature...

And here we had one odd poster who joined this site only to post one negative two-line review: Food bad, ports bad (Note: food is a personal taste thing...and Celebrity doesn't control the ports-- ALL the cruise lines visit all the same ports) and THAT is YOUR basis for steering clear of a cruise line?