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We are booked on Celebrity Infinity sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso on 5 December 2009. Have not sailed with them before. I have seen a few comments on the concierge class rooms ( we have one booked) and viewed some photos and think they look a bit tired/daggy! Can anyone tell me what the Sky Suites are like as an alternative? ( I have yet to see a current photo, although the old photos on the celebrity website do not look great).

We are also planning to travel with our 3 year old. Does anyone know what the kids facilities on the ship are like?

Finally has anyone done the Cusco/Macchu Picchu excursion? Is it worth it, and how do they get the punters back to Arica from Cusco in a day ( I see there are no commercial flights- is this a charter arrangement?)

Any comments greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to Cruise Addicts....

The Infinity is a very nice ship and it had a good going over last fall to upgrade and it always is an ongoing task. We have sailed her about 5 times over the years and they keep her up well. Needless to say as we keep returning we like the ship.
No Kids of mine have used the facilities but I have checked out the rooms and talked to persons (workers) in the program. The spaces they have for kids are very nice and the kids that I have seen while sailing all seem quite happy and involved.
Your itinerary likely will not find many kids aboard so they may be a bit lonely but you never know. This would mean closer interaction with the staff.

I haven't been down the West coast of South America so I can not comment on that part of the trip. The Canal however is really interesting and I think worth the price of the trip so anything else would be a bonus.
Careful referring to the pax as punters lol. Your genes are showing. :)


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Sorry Bob, don't follow your comment on my genes, assuming you know what they are!! Perhaps you should be careful!

However if anyone can answer the queries on the land tour from Lima and the stateroom comparison I would be grateful.
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FYI to Jameila... Celebrity announced some pretty low new rates for this cruise today for tomorrow. You might want to check with them or your Travel agent.


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Bsea has given you some good info.

I enjoyed cruising to Alaska on Infinity several years ago. My favorite places were the outdoor Ocean View Bar on Resort Deck aft, The Martini Bar was great, midship on Entertainment Deck. The Conservatory was a nice quiet place to write in my journal, great view too. Midship on Sunrise Deck.

Enjoy! :banana:


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The Infinity sky suites are naturally larger than any of the Concierge Class rooms. In particular, the balconies are about 50% larger (and some suites like 6131 and 6132 have balconies 3 times as large). The bathrooms are nearly twice as large, and have a shower/tub combination, whereas the CC rooms have only a walk-in shower. And, the rooms themselves are also about 3 feet longer and 3 feet wider, giving you more space. As you probably already know, the suites also come with a butler, in addition to the stateroom attendant. Some find this useful, while others find it unnecessary.

And, for what its worth, I echo Bob and Michael's sentiments. Infinity is a good ship and Celebrity puts out a good cruise product.

I hope this helps.