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Celebrity Infnity

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by salathe3, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. salathe3

    salathe3 Guest

    We have booked July 3 on Celebrity Infinity. Seattle--Inside Passage Alaska. Concierge Class thanks to suggestion of American Express.
    2 adults and and 11 year old. How is this ship with kids?
    We are smokers.....how difficult have they made it?
    Any hints on excursions?
    How formal?....it sounds formal.
    Reviews by users have been super helpful! Thank you!
    KUDOS on the personal websites!
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    They will now be sticky on smoking in rooms and balconies but just having gotten off the newest ship the Solstice they have lots of places still for you puffers. Upper deck and pool deck. Port sides. & aft. It is getting better or worse however depending on which side of the issue you are on. A smoke free casino seemed to be a lot busier on the Solstice.

    The ship has a great kids area and program and you are traveling during Summer so your 11 yr old will be welll looked after and there should be fellow pax for him/her.

    There will be two formal nights and there will be tuxes around but Ak is not as formal as other areas. The dress other nights is "Smart Casual" which on our recent cruise translated to clean shirts with sleeves and clean pants for the men and dressy as you like for the ladies .most in long slacks and flashy tops. Formal night jacket and tie would get you by but many had less......

    Sorry I have done no tours in the ports that you visit. The ship docks or tenders right into the towns and it's easy to walk around and visit.
  3. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Here's a thread I posted on Celebrity's new smoking policy.


    Cigar smoking on Infinity is limited to the outside of the Oceanview Grill on deck 10 aft.

    There should be lots of families on board so your 11 year-old should have a great time.

    =funsign on GTS Infinity
  4. CAPinBoynton

    CAPinBoynton Guest

  5. jonandtricia

    jonandtricia Guest

    Hello everyone. I am Jon and my wife is Tricia. We are from Essex England. We will be taking a cruise on Infinity Carribean Westbound on November the 8th 2009 .
    The cruise is to celebrate my 60th birthday (12th). This will be our first cruise and indeed our first visit to America. Regarding the cruise, I have no idea what to expect. Re,, Formal wear. How often do we wear formal on a two week cruise?. Tipping. Just what is the protocol?. Just to confuse matters, my wife has added on an extra week at the end of the cruise. Three days in L.A. Three days in Vegas. Vegas at the Hilton so she can see Barry Manilow in concert. In my 59yrs, I have travelled far and wide but never to America or on a cruise, so I need all the help I can get. My mailaddress is jononasojourn@blueyonder.co.uk. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Regards to all. Jon C Ranson. p.s. Please forgive the lack of protocol as I am a new boy.
  6. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Welcome Jon. Nice to be confused with an extra weeks holiday at the end of a cruise. Come all this way ..why not ?? Vegas is Vegas 3 days there will keep you busy :)

    I would suggest that you have a look around at the Cruise reviews and a few of the specific posts on the INFINITY. Use the search engine to see what you can find elsewhere on the site and then get back to us.

    The dress on =X= now is actually pretty simple. There are formal nights (3) on your cruise and the rest are "Smart Casual"
    <http://www.celebritycruises.com/beforeyourcruise/faq/home.do;jsessionid=0000QZxMbDfOy-ZffDW4R3udLd1:12h3rnd1c?faqSubjectName=Dress+Code&faqId=479&pagename=faq_answers> go therre for the rules.
    Clean cloths without holes basicly. :)

    My number one tip for a cruise. Don't sweat the small stuff. enjoy planning. If you have any direct question on how the site works give me a PM (Send a personal message. easy to do)
  7. ricnpala

    ricnpala Guest

    I just got off the Infinity for the Alaska cruise on May 29 - June 5. I was surprised to see that Celebrity has limited smoking to certain areas and not just down one side of the ship's common areas. They will tell you more about it once on board.

    I would like to suggest you attend the Brent Nixon Nature talks while on the ship. He gave 5 different ones through-out the week and talking during our cruise into the Hubbard Glacier area. He is great. He will be on the Infinity all this summer and next giving his "nature talks -- are you listening". I'm not one to attend stuff like that usually, but did at the urging of my daughter and we were not disappointed. In fact I bought 2 of his DVD sets to pass around to my family and friends in hopes they too will learn from him.

    Also if you happen to be into the "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery channel, we booked a tour for the "Bering Sea Fisherman tour" out of Ketchikan. It's on the Aluetian Ballad from Season 2. Well worth the money, saw lots of bald eagles that flew down right in front of the vessel. King Crab and Rock crab. It was great.

    Enjoy your trip.
  8. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey ricnpala welcome to Cruise @ddicts. Your information and idea's are appreciated. Great sweet sixteen info. :) I forget about them

    since you just traveled to AK on the Infinity could you tell me if the ship is actually doing the itinerary that is on their web site. Specifically northbound through the "Inside passage" and south bound "Outside" and that they are only stopping in two ports now. Also if you recall what time did you get into Victoria. ??


  9. ricnpala

    ricnpala Guest

    Sorry for the delay in the response. Haven't really been on the internet all that much. But yes we did the trip just as it was shown on the website -- as you've asked. If you do a search on Inside passage you will see that there are numerous ones. I did that search because we are booked on another Alaska cruise next year and it showned the inside passage as up north also. I booked the tour for next year before really analyzing the stops and the timeframe of the stops. We are doing Tracy Arm Fjord and it's from 6am - 10 am then off to Juneau by 2. We do an "northern" inside passage from dinner time till about 10 or so which I wasn't disappointed in also. May end up changing my tour to something else.
  10. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Thanks for checking in !! Appreciate that. Tracy Arm is very beautiful but I wouldn't build any AK cruise around just that.

    Have fun planning.

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