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Celebrity Suite???

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by SueClark, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    Has anyone been in a CS? Do the people with the Sky Suites next door look right into your cabin? Help!!! We just booked one for a transatlantic in April on the Millennium.

  2. GWAT

    GWAT Guest

    Yes, people can look into the celebrity suite from the stateroom balcony next to it. Just keep the curtain down on the window closest to that balcony.

    If you have a Sky deck suite (floor 9) you may want to consider moving down. We found the noise level from the Resort deck very loud. It sounded like a kitchen preparation area right above our suite, constant clanging and banging.

    The bathroom tub (no shower enclosure) is somewhat awkward. You have to step very high to enter the tub. The tub bottom is elevated from the bathroom floor which makes getting out a challenge.

    We did the Millennium 10/4/02 and loved it. The shows, the food, the service, the entertainment, the Olympic restaurant, all were excellent.

    Their were some blemishes though:
    1. We had dining table for 10. The A/C at the table was so cold that 6 out of 10 requested new tables. We didn't because we felt sorry for our waiter and assistant waiter.
    2. Last night of cruise, plumbing problem caused black water in sinks and showers. My wife was taking shower at the time.
    3. Butler service.
  3. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    I'll take a cat. 3 corner, thank you.

  4. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    Paul - I thought about a cat 3 (now called FV) corner, but they were all taken. I was in one on our last trip and it is a great cabin, but I think we would miss the suite perks.

    We may end up moving to a Sky Suite for the balcony - or a RS if one opens up and isn't too much more for cost. We have several months to go and I'll keep a close watch on what comes available.

  5. Hi Sue...
    Check out the Feb prices for the Millennium RS. We were able to get a price that we couldn't pass up. We returned from a RS on Galaxy in September. I've heard that the RS on Millie is even better.....

    Mark Chatfield
  6. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    We just had a Royal Suite on Millennium for the 9/23 - adults only 11 night caribbean. It is wonderful!!! I've got a review posted here and on Cruise Critics and some pictures posted here.

    I'll do some more looking at trips, but the transatlantic sounded good.

  7. vvnh16a

    vvnh16a Guest

    Can anyone tell me if Celebrity provides free set ups ( Gin, burbon etc and mixers) in the suites (SKY Celebrity RS or Penthouse)??
  8. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    We've been in SS and RS and there were no free bar setups in those rooms, although you do get champagne when you board. I've read that the penthouse gets a set-up, but since I've never been in one, I really can't confirm it.

  9. vvnh16a

    vvnh16a Guest

    Thanks for the reply........I think reading about a Penthouse is where I got the question about free set ups. QUESTION: If you were having some other guests in your suite for pre-dinner, you just provide the liquor, wine etc and does the Butler serve?? I assume wiht prior notice the butler can arrange some snacks for the group!

    Rich in N VA
  10. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    We had several cocktail parties on our last trip - we had arranged for some bottles of champage - which we kept in our cabin. Our Butler, Lawry, delivered the trays of appetizers and checked in several times during the party to see if we needed anything. We never asked him to serve because he takes care of 9 cabins. I believe in the Penthouse you can have the Butler serve or even request a bartender.

    We also tipped him (extra) on the nights we had the parties.

  11. vvnh16a

    vvnh16a Guest

    9 cabins is alot of space to cover. Not ever having a butler and wondering what he/she is to do on the cruise is the reason for the questions . Its always good to have someone w\ho experienced the situaton that we are about to go through.
  12. I'll have to agree with SueClark.... There were setups and alcohol available in the minibar of our Royal Suite on Galaxy, however there was a fee. We hosted a Cruise Critic party on board, and the butler provided several tray of snacks, chips, and sweets. We only had to pay for the soft drinks... He even brought some extra chairs. It was very convenient. He seemed happy to do it, as if it was a normal thing....

    Mark Chatfield
  13. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    Well, the story goes on... and with a great ending. We booked the CS on the Millennium 4/27/03 Transatlantic sailing, because it was the biggest suite available. We keep talking about whether we would miss the balcony too much, etc. and if we should maybe go down to a Sky Suite. I had my TA put us on the waitlist for a Royal Suite and he called this morning and said one had opened up, although for an additional chunk of change! We took it and will call the extra $$ our Christmas presents.

  14. Hugh Turner

    Hugh Turner Guest

    We had a celebrity suite on the Summit sailed 11/08. Yes, people can see in your window on one side. We just kept the shade closed on the one window. No big deal.
    The celebrity suite is wonderful. What a view from your sofa looking at the world going by.
  15. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    Hugh, We might have liked it just fine - the suite itself looks beautiful and I love the look of the curved glass wall of windows... but we've really gotten spoiled having our morning coffee [etc.] on the balcony. We both love to watch the sea go by and the fresh air.


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