Celebrity Summit Suite vs. Concierge Class cabins



I am booking a trip to the Caribbean on Celebrity. HELP! I need help in knowing if the SKY SUITE is better than one of the Concierge Class cabins.

What I know so far:
1. SKY SUITE is a little more expensive, but has BUTLER service (sounds fun - any advice or comments on this?)

2. CONCIERGE CLASS has daily-flowers; champaigne; leather keychain; personalized stationary; SPECIAL PILLOWS AND MATTRESS choices.

My Question: THERE are *ALOT* of options available with the CONCIERGE CLASS that are not in the SUITES (Sky Suite in particular).

Can *ANYONE* help me make a decision on this? THanks so much! Also any comments would be great on this ship or these cabins.



Most of the perks are the same. We really enjoy the personal service from the Butler and always book the suites but have had friends in the CC cabins that were thrilled with everything. It is totally up to you and what you like!


Frank Black

I was on the Millennium and our dinner mates had a sky suite. It is quite a bit larger ( wider actually) than those Cat 1A cabins they now call CONCIERGE CLASS. 251 s.f VS. 191 sf. They also really enjoyed the Butler. I had a Cat 3 corner aft cabin that was even larger (271 s.f.), but no butler and no flowers or keychain. But what a balcony.


The butler service in a suite is great and the sky suites are much bigger and the balcony is also bigger. There is a list in the brochure of the suite perks, there are alot.

Laurie :wave