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Celebrity Summit

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by donnaja, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. donnaja

    donnaja Guest

    just got back western Caribbean -any questions about the Summit-I know they are dry docked for 14 days
  2. mjbelen

    mjbelen Guest


    I would love to hear about your cruise. I sail on her next Thursday on a 4 day cruise as soon as she gets out of drydock.

    Please pass along any suggestions or tips you have to make our cruise more enjoyable. Thanks.

  3. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Hi Joa,

    My only comment to you is that 4 days on Summit is at least 6 days too short. It's our favorite X ship. We've sailed on Summit 4 times, 3 of those in one year. The ship is fabulous and though its usual hotel manager is in Miami at H/O at the moment, I'm sure his replacement is doing a stand-up job in keeping things in order. You're going to love it.

    Have a great cruise!

  4. I have sailed NCL,Carnival,HAL,COSTA and a few others and cannot remember there being a time when I could not buy a package for email ( $55 for 100 minutes or $100 for 250 minutes). Did X have packages at one time.
  5. radioguy

    radioguy Guest


    We recently returned from a cruise on Century and they DO have internet packages available. I imagine it's a fleetwide option.

    What ship are you going on (or thinking of)?


    IUBRAD Guest

    We are going on the 12 day to the Panama Canal in late March. We have only been on RCCL 8 times and Radisson once so a couple of my questions since this is our first with Celebrity are 1) do they have any type of laundry facilities, 2) what did you think of the food, 3) or any other comments in general would be helpful. Our 4 1/2 year old is going along too but this will be his first chance to do the kids club. We will be in cabin 6056 on the Penthouse Deck. Thanks.
  7. radioguy

    radioguy Guest


    First off, there are no laundry facilities on Celebrity ships. You can always send your laundry out. It's usually returned late the next day. As for the food, we've done 20+ Celebrity cruises and have noticed somewhat of a deterioration in the food over time. That's not to say it's bad. Far from it. Just not as "top of the top" as it has been in the past. And they've stopped using poppy seeds in their bread and rolls. Something about a problem when a crew member tested positive for drugs. It was linked to the poppy seeds. They figure if they can't intoxicate the crew, they also can't intoxicate the guests. Too bad. I love them!

    You child will likely have a wonderful time. The Kids' Program on Celebrity is quite well done from what I have seen. The crew who take care of the kids are usually in early childhood education studies and this may be one of the reasons the program seems so well executed. Lots of happy campers.

    By the time you sail, Danny Ilias, the ship's usual hotel manager, should be back on board. He does a great job taking care of things "behind the scenes". I must say that Summit has one of the happiest crew I've yet experienced on any ship. Danny plays a big part in that. If you have a happy crew, you'll have satisfied guests.

    Enjoy your cruise,


    IUBRAD Guest

    Thanks Alan. Guess that means we will have to buy a few more clothes. Sorry to hear the food has dropped off a little. It will be interesting to match their cuisine to RCCl & Radisson. My son on his first 4 cruises was too young for the kids club and Radisson never really had anything but seeing the other kids playing in there on RCCL, I think he'll go in there and may never come out.
  9. shadowledge

    shadowledge Guest

    Does the Summit have a Dale Chihuly (glass) sculpture or chandelier?
  10. mkitchy

    mkitchy Guest

    How is the night life on the Summit? We've sailed on Carnival, RCCL and Princess, and they all have a great variety to choose from. Just hoping the ship doesn't shut down at 10:00. Are there live bands that play a variety of music ?( rock, top 40, jazz, etc.). If not, we'll still have a blast, as a cruise is what you make it. Thanks for any input. Bon voyage!
  11. radioguy

    radioguy Guest


    I'd venture to say that your Summit experience will be closer to that of Princess than the other 2. Keep in mind that for relatively the same money, different cruise lines allocate the funds in different ways. While Carnival and RCCL may concentrate on glitz and entertainment, both Princess and Celebrity seem to place more emphasis on food (notwithstanding my post earlier on this thread) and other ammenities.

    You'll likely find Summit to be more elegant in its atmosphere. More subdued. And with probably an older demographic than what you're used to from past cruises. Having said this, the ship doesn't close down at 22:00. But the quality/quantity of their live band entertainment may not be what you're looking for. The disco goes till at least 02:00, sometimes later. But for the most part, the live bands knock off after dinner except for possibly one lounge. There again, we've heard both good and bad units so if you like what you're hearing, that's great. If not, go to the casino (or elsewhere).

    Michael's Club usually has a piano player or harpist. But no band per se. Nice place to relax for a night cap. Just make sure you leave the cigars at home. None allowed there any more.


  12. 51810ss

    51810ss Guest

    I am sailing on the Summit on 6/24/05 southbound in Alaska with my family and very much looking forward to it. My 20 something daughters have never been to Alaska and not on a cruise since they were small children so I certainly hope this is a good experience. We went on the "Mercury" in December and had a very good experience but was a little surprised that the main theatre entertainment was not up to par with Royal Caribbean and Princess. One night there actually wasn't any show. They played a movie.

    Does anyone know about the adequacy of the balcony rooms that are only 170 sq. ft. on the Summit?

    Any more tips about the "Summit" would really be helpful. Thanks
  13. I sailed aboard the Constellation which is virtually the same ship. I can't say anything about the balcony cabin.

    You sailed the Mercury, so you know the types of activities and style that Celebrity is. Summit will offer the specialty restaurant, a choice of spa food for lunch, and pretty much the same buffet and dining menu in the main restaurant. Summit has also been fitted for Cirque de Soleil, "the bar at the edge of the world", and there's one masquerade ball planned where you can make or buy a mask. I think the specialty restaurant is wonderful, and you should dine there at least one evening.

    There's no equivalent for Mercury's Pavillion lounge, some of the activities that take place there are moved to the observation lounge, but there's less activities on the Millennium class ships. The showroom entertainment will depend on the quality of performers that are booked at the time of your sailing, so they may or may not be better than what was on the Mercury. For the most part, Celebrity isn't known for the quality of their showroom entertainment.

    My opinion is for Alaska don't stay in your cabin to view the scenery. If you are going in the inside passage scenery is on both sides of the ship, so I think it is best to go out onto deck space in the back or front of the ship. Like the Mercury, there are large windows in the observation lounge to view Alaska, I don't know how much of it is portioned off for Cirque de Soleil, however, and the windows aren't quite as large as those on Mercury's.

    Alaska is wonderful, dress in layers, it has become more crowded and touristy with more and more and larger cruise ships visiting the Alaskan ports.
  14. SoCalGal

    SoCalGal Guest

    Hi Guys,

    We will be taking our second 14 night cruise on the Summit this May to Alaska..did the exact cruise last year. We have also sailed on the Mille for 12 nights. The standard balcony stateroom is 170 sq, ft.....it is about 21 sq. ft. smaller than the Conceirge Class cabin (191 sq. ft.). You will have a smaller sofa and a smaller vanity with a little less storage. We have always opted for the CC because of the size, but I think you'll find the cabin is very comfortable for two people. My sister and her husband opted for the standard cabin. The Summit is a wonderful ship, not particularly beautiful on the exterior, but very elegant on the interior. We love the food and fabulous Spa and T-Pool. Your 20 something daughters will really enjoy the Spa. The hair stylists are very good too. The Spa food is healthful and tasty..we enjoyed it very much. You will love your Alaska cruise.... Alaska is unbelievably beautiful! Try to take as many shore excursions as you can...particularly in Ketchikan..the floatplane/cruise into Misty Fjords is worth every penny. Have a wonderful time!
  15. jennyjafyfl

    jennyjafyfl Guest

    Re: Celebrity Summit Alaska sailing May 27 2006

    Just curious if anyone out there is going to be on our sailing or if they have done previous Alaska cruises as I am looking for some recommendations for either private tours or shore excursions offered by the ship. Any tips? This is also our first time sailing with Celebrity. We have sailed with NCL in the past and loved it, as well as Carnival several times which was OK. Thanks
  16. PattyJ

    PattyJ Guest

    I have only sailed on Celebrity (2 cruises) so my info is slanted that way. I sailed on Summit Alaska with land tour. Every tour we took was outstanding. We only did one independent tour in Juneau, the whale watch. In Juneau you can go to the Mendenhall glacier on the bus for cheaper than the tour. We went on a tour, but that also took us to a salmon cannery which was interesting, but we wish we had spent more time at the glacier. If you go to Skagway, take the White Pass RR tour, it was amazing. I enjoyed the Totem Park in Ketchican, but be sure to take umbrella or rain jacket. We needed it there. Hope that You enjoy your trip, because Beauty is everywhere in Alaska.
  17. paulie1340

    paulie1340 Guest

    I'm looking for anyone with recent experience on Summit. We're cruising from San Juan to Los Angeles on the 11/26/06 sailing.

    Curious to know about the cruise director... seems the cruise director really sets the tone of the cruise for the guests. My favorite so far is Drew Pavlov (on Mercury), currently on Millenium. Constellation guy was a dud. Dawn Princess CD was laughable... reminded me of the character "Nick Summers" played by Bill Murray on SNL.

    Does Summit have a music library? Constellation supposedly had one but it was no longer in operation (10/05).

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