Celebrity versus Royal Caribbean



With regard to food and service: what on earth do these picky eaters have in their refridgerators at home and who serves it to them????? I have sailed on both lines and by far my choice is TO GET OUT THERE on RCCL .....the stuffed shirts on Century can have it, although I would say that I will always sail when i can, where i can, and for the best price....I would sail on the Century in a heartbeat ....but if I died and went to Heaven, and St. Peter asked me which cruise line I wanted, I would say without hesitation: Royal Caribbean for me, please....
:) Just my two cents which is worth a lot less these days, it seems...


To thecruisetaker:

If the line is shorter, all the better....experienced cruisers avoid long lines at embarkation and debarkation....


Excuse me while I remove my stuffed shirt... gee that's better. And I thought the Celebrity people where supposed to be the opinionated ones... LOL.

Thank goodness there are different lines that have different styles, and that we have the choice to sample any, all, or none. We have our first RCI cruise planned for Jan. and looking forward to it greatly. I am a BIG Celebrity fan... but I know just as well that I will have a great time on Brilliance, too.


Nancy T. Meehan

The Adventure is truly one of the most beautiful ships I have seen until today. The Celebrity Constellation looks beautiful!!! Hard choice. I think I'd start with Adventure, disembark and book Constellation, all the while saving pennies. My friend just got home from Celbrity Millie and loved it. Free champagne on embarkation and cold towels at the pool. Some people do not like the topless bathing on the top decks, but it would not bother me. Good luck with your decision. One thing the Adventure has going for her is that the itenerary is wonderful.


Hi, I've been on Celebrities Millenium and also RCI's Voyager of the Seas. Your buying a unique product... I agree with everyones comments above. So many factors can come into play. With that said I can tell you this, I loved the Voyager of The Seas and my friends/co-workers who have sailed love this ship also. I also enjoyed the Millenium very much. Are they the same... No.

Both ships are amazing though. I highly recommend you try the Adventure. The Voyager class ships offer a unique experience that needs to be done to understand. The ships offer so much that it pales in comparision to many others. The large size of the ship can be intimidating but, its similiar to a large hotel/resort. The size might be large but, your so happy with having so many options that your not put off by it.

These ships represent each lines latest and greatest. They cannot be compared to older ships in the fleet. Then you factor in the crew you deal with and fellow passengers onboard that sailing. It can all make a difference.


we are sailing the AOS in january...does anyone that did it already have any good tips for the tours? especially in Aruba and Curacuo?


Re: to paulfredo

LOLOL!!!! I also saw on another board that somebody in the "Carnival" section posted that RCCL's pax were all "snooty and reserved".....i responded that I sorta think that about Celebrity and then it was all downhill from there....everyone had a lot of fun with the "generalizations" that people make "in general" LOL!!!! I really think that when comparing cruise lines, it's next to impossible because each one is so different....RCI is my favorite, but I also like Norwegian and I've also cruised Celebrity.....each one is a totally different experience and I was only trying to express that each experience is going to be different, even when choosing between two lines that have similar ships.....I think the answer lies in the preferences and lifestyle and personality of the cruiser....an outgoing person with LOTS to share and LOTS TO OFFER in terms of boisterousness, enthusiasm, etc might find themselves quite alone on a Celebrity ship, because those who gravitate toward Celebrity are looking for a more relaxing experience rather than the GET OUT THERE attitude of RCI. It's kinda like life, huh????? It just takes all kinds ....


Re: to paulfredo

We've been on the Infinity and the Constellation--both are great ships with great itineraries. We have sailed the Majesty and the Radiance( a gorgeous ship).All great experiences with minor differences. We are booked on the Navigator(sister to the Adventurer) for her inaugural 12/14/02---our first inaugural, so we are very excited, especially since we have #1388---an awesome corner stern balcony. We hope to be on the Brilliance( sister to the Radiance) sometime soon. In the meantime, happy cruising!!!!!!!!!!


Re: to paulfredo

My husband and I have been on both the Infinity and Grandeur of the
Seas. We were told the Infinity was upscale and I would agree. The food was better but the little things (Personal Service items) I thought were better on RCI. I liked the things made out of your pillows on RCI (it's a woman thing) But the people on Infinity were nice. The islands you are going to are great., we loved Curaco and St Martin. We went to the same islands on Grandeur for my 50th birthday. Best islands we have seen. We are going in Jan 2003 and we are trying the larger ship RCI Exployer to see what it is like. Hope this helps

allison tamburrino

Re: to paulfredo

I have been on royal 3 times. I enjoyed them all... however I went on Celebrity last march. WONDERFUL! I was so impressed with the food!
Royal's food is good... but Celebrity was outstanding. The desserts were pure butter and chocolate and.... fabulous.

Royal's lines for the buffet were long. Celebrity was pretty quick.
The spa's on both lines- great!
The entertainment- I would say about the same
The inside staterooms- better on Celebrity
The ship decor- about the same.
Service on Celebrity - The best!!
Celebrity just had a certain class about it. More upscale...

Bottom line- you can not lose either way... Have a great trip!!!


Re: to paulfredo

We enjoyed both Celebrity an RCI.

As far as food goes: I was so excited to finally sail with Celebrity because everybody was talking about the exceptional food onboard. I don't know what all the fuss was about; the food was very good but not really any better than any other cruise I had been on.

As far as service goes, we always had pleasant servers and cabin attendants. I can't speak for the people at the other servers' tables or the people whose cabins were further down the hall from us and had different attendants.

Not all cabin attendants and wait staff are the same. It's all a matter of luck!



Hi Ron and Judy

We were on the cruise in February with Ron and Judy, and had a great time.

I have done both cruiselines and I have a good feeling about both. I agree with Judy about them. They are much more alike than different. The big differences are the activities especially on the Explorer Class and Radiance class. These ships have so much to do from a sporting point of view. If you want to do the traditional cruise activities, pool, horse racing, drinking, spa, etc. Celebrity excels. If you want to climb a rock wall, skate, play pool, RCIs new ships excel. The dining room experience (not necessarily the food) is more formal and a little more refined. The food is very similar to me. Some on both is very good, some very average some not so good. I have never had an experience where I ordered something outside the bounds of the waiters recommendation that they didn't offer me a replacement or a second order with a smile. I am the master of the double order. Give me the shrimp cocktail and the esgargot, the spinach salad, and the primerib and the veal, but non of the veal's companion items. Now I usually get exactly what I order and sometime I get the entire Veal meal.... Oh pity me! ;-)

So if you want to climb rock wall go RCI if that is of zero interest go Celebrity! Otherwise, where is the ship going and is that a place you want to go!



Re: jsh

Obviously different people have different opinions, and the only way to find out which ship or line is best for you is to try several and decide on your own. You may also find that at different times you may be seeking different types of cruise experiences . On one occasion you may be looking for a port intensive, or active shipboard experience, while another time you may just want quiet days at sea to relax or recuperate from the grind of daily existence. That may dictate sailing with a different line or on a different ship or itinerary. Don't be unduly influenced by those who post on these boards. You don't know that our tastes match your own. I'd also be wary of the "Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome" where some people buy into the theory that one line is better (or worse) than another because "everyone else" says so. All too often posts which say the "Line X" is low (or high) scale or the food or service is "hands-down better than what you will find on "Line Y" are not even based on personal experience but on stereotypes (often outdated) that have been applied to the various lines. Remember, if there was one line that was "head and shoulders" above the rest, we all had the same tastes, and prices were competitive, everyone would flock to that line and there would be practically no one sailing on the others. Thankfully, we aren't all the same and there are different lines and different ships to meet our individual preferences.