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Celebrity vs RCCL and others

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Mary Eller, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Mary Eller

    Mary Eller Guest

    Hi! We are planning a Dec. cruise, and have sailed with RCCL 4 times - always very pleased. But I'm interested in trying another line to see if they do an even better job. We enjoy great food and entertainment, middle-age crowd, formal dining.. any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Hi Mary,

    If you were happy with RCCL's product I am sure you will be pleased with Celebrity's ships. The RCI Vision class is similar to the Mercury and the Radience class is similar to the Millennium class. Entertainment and passenger profiles will vary more by the itinerary than the cruise line. Celebrity may have a slight edge in food and service. We have cruised on the Radience and Brilliance of the Seas and will be sailing on the Millenium this week. From our experience with the Mercury and with all we have read about the Millennium we are really looking forward to this cruise

  3. Mary Eller

    Mary Eller Guest

    Thank you, Peter. Have a great time!
  4. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    We have sailed rcl hal and Celebrity. Petert is right.
  5. harpo

    harpo Guest

    This past Sept. we cruised on the Infinity to Alaska we really had a wonderful time.They looked after every need and more. We have cruised on both lines I can say Celebrity hands down.
  6. Mary, although it's fun to try something new, if you are happy with one line you may want to stick with it like Peter said. What one of us thinks makes for a wonderful experience, someone else may not find so outstanding. Example is the wonderful service and pampering Celebrity provides: that's a real plus to some while others may prefer the busy, activity filled cruises like RCL or NCL> Others may like the all night partying of Carnival.

  7. frito

    frito Guest

    newmexicoNita -----just wondering which Carnival ship you were on that had the all night partying? I might be interested in going, as the 17 Carnival cruises I have been on didn't have the all night partying so I guess I missed it somehow.
  8. First of all, All night was just a figure of speak, I really don't know if they were all night parties, I was just making a point. What ship were we on? Well we have been on two and both were relatively new at the time: The Ecstacy and the Inspiration. Go and have a blast!!! party time was the subject of the day. On one of them we saw a sweet young lady, still in her really pretty green formal coming out of someones cabin about 10am the next morning. She may have had a smile on her face til she saw our cabin boy, my two daughters (both adults) and myself passing by. LOL

  9. frito

    frito Guest

    I do understand. I once saw a "gentleman" on Celebrity so drunk on formal night he fell out of his chair at the dining table.
    Guess he had somehow gotten mixed up and boarded the wrong ship, as there was a Carnival ship in port that day.
  10. frito, we saw a similar thing on NCL many years ago. I think it was either the second formal night or our last night at sea. The lady? at the table across from us wanted to dance on the table. Her hubby was able to control her so she danced down around the tables. The worst part, her son, who was about 15, similar age of our oldest grand daughter had to face all the teens at the arcade that night. We thought she was pretty funny, but her son was not amused!

  11. trailhiker

    trailhiker Guest

    Royal Caribbean was our all-time favorite (9 cruises on all the different size ships) until we tried Celebrity last year. We've been on three Celebrity cruises and I would say it is a big step up from our Royal Caribbean cruises. But still, I love them both and wouldn't turn down a cruise on either. Calebrity has the best service and food, is quieter with no announcements, Royal Caribbean has the most beautiful ships and the best entertainment. I guess it is all in what you are looking for.
  12. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    For food, service and a step up so to speak, Celebrity wins hands down. Celebrity just does it right. We are diamond members of RCI so I am able to compare both lines. Again that is our opinion and others may not agree. We think Celebrity is a class act all the way. Even the service in the Steiners spa which should be the same on both lines has been better on Celebrity.

    Laurie :wave
  13. Katherine

    Katherine Guest

    I would love to go back on Celebrity. The only reason I haven't is because Royal Caribbean supposedly has a better kid's program than Celebrity (we didn't take our kids on our first cruise, so I can't say this from experience). Celebrity has better food, better service, and is overall classier than Royal Caribbean. On the Mercury we'd go up to the buffet restaurant and there were waiters there with white towels over their arms, just waiting to take your tray to whichever table you wanted to sit at. We did not see this kind of service on Royal Caribbean.
  14. I am surprised RCL didn't offer to take you trays, even on NCL last January the sait staff, not with white towels I don't think, offered to carry our trays to our table. We carried our own, but it was a wonderful added touch I agree.

  15. KathyC

    KathyC Guest

    Have not sailed on RCCL but have sailed on Princess & most recently on Celebrity Summit. Definately the service on the Summit, and I think the food as well, edges out a little over Princess. In the Waterfall Cafe waiters were there to carry your tray to your table & after port visits you were greeted with cool towels upon your return to ship. On most nights, but especially the formal nights, someone was stationed at the elevators to assist you. ALL employees throughout the ship were extremely friendly. We were on a 10 day cruise which had an older crowd (mostly 50's & above). The entertainment was varied: of course the shows by the young Celebrity singers/dancers, a comedian/
    magician, a group that sang acapella and so on. There was a late night 50's 60's party, a chocolate lover's buffet, a sherbet lover's buffet, & of course the grand buffet on the last formal night. Of course there were the cooking & food carving demos, karaoke, & the not so newlywed game just to name a few of the activites. All in all a very enjoyable cruise with great service & great food.
  16. We've tried Hal and RCCL, just going on Celebrity Zenith Dec 7/03. Sounds like it will be a good time. Thanks for all your comments.
  17. cruiseman123

    cruiseman123 Guest

    I love RCCL and I would love to try Celebrity but RCCL does have more activities. But if you are looking for luxury and all that kind of stuff go for Celebrity. I have been on 5 RCCL ships and they were all great. We plan to go on Celebrity next april. I am looking forward to it
  18. It's funny, many people seem to prefer RCI's ships but I prefer Celebrity's. I don't find anything particularly special about RCI's ships, they seem like scaled down resorts to me, very similar to Hyatt Regency type of ships. Don't get me wrong, they are attractive, but I find Celebrity's ships much, much more stylish. And I find an overall significant quality step up in Celebrity's furnishings vs. RCI.

    RCI has a different cruise style as well. While there are some general similarities, and on both lines you get very entertaining bar staff, wait staff style varies a lot, there's more varied entertainment and stress on it on RCI, the waiters sing and dance on RCI and don't do anything close to that on Celebrity, except for an occasional magic trick that waiters will do. There are toga parties on RCI and many more pool games and different types of pool games. RCI cruises have a measure of elegance, you can find ballroom dancing, lectures and the like but Celebrity's a much quieter type of cruise. There's a mingling feel to Celebrity, an early evening feel, and just less planned activities.

    I enjoy RCI for a certain fun feel, Celebrity more for tradition and elegance. I think RCI is good for families looking for interactivity. Celebrity is good for couples and families looking for moderate interactivity.

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