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My bud, Harry Wayne Casey, aka KC from KC and the Sunshine Band is back on Celebrity. This week he's in Europe on Solstice. I've run into him on Infinity and Connie, he tells me he loves X and cruises with them often.

Actually know him from my days in South Florida, was at his 50th birthday party in Miami and he was performing at our gala at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach years ago. Was shocked the first time I saw him on Celeb - didn't see him as a cruise type guy.

I think it's funny (and great!) he's able to travel without being hasseled on X. One can only imagine what would happen to the poor guy if he sailed on Carnival..RUN HARRY RUN!! LOL

George C

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I have seen a few celebs on differnet ships Doug Flutie was only a table away from us a couple of years ago on Princess, ran into some other sports people and actors over the years.


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I run into a few celebs myself. A few years ago Samatha Brown and our first cruise, run into Chubby Checker in the elevator. It was a hoot

Cruise cutie

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:D like the rest of the world they put on slacks on leg at a time..vacation is vacation!!..:shrug:

:cool:...now Harry I would bet would have a stroke on Carnival.:eek:...but I could be wrong!!..hehehe..Joanne


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Yeah, he's low key, low profile. Doesn't "party" anymore, so doubt he'd like Carnival. Gotta get my day going, slept in for the last time. Ciao!