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cell phones?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by sailingaway, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. nona

    nona Guest

    I am in Juneau all summer, and I use Verizon. My phone works most of the time. The only real problem is when we have a lot of ships in port. Everyone gets off their ship and starts using their phone. It overloads the local service. Extended coverage means that if you have the no roaming fees plan, that you are not in a home area and are covered by the no roaming fees part of your contract. I have that and am never charged for using my phone in Juneau. My phone says extended service most of the time.
  2. lbeck

    lbeck Guest

    INteresting information on the roaming thing. We have Verizon and coverage is so good in the lower 48 that we don't ususally get the "Extended Network" indication. So we generally just wait until we are on "Verizon Network." HOwever, I think that we are on a plan that doesn't charge for roaming.

    When we were in Alaska, including Juneau, I got that message but never saw the "Verizon Network" indicaton, so I didn't sue the phone since I had nothing more urgent than just boasting about what a good time we were having.

    I'm also unclear about what I've heard about international fees if you happen to pick up a Canadian cell. Does your phone warn you about that? Or would it just say "Extended Network" and you don't know until your next Bill?
  3. nona

    nona Guest

    You get charged a lot for Canadian cell calls. I think your phone says roaming. The reason you don't get Verizon network message in Alaska, is because there is no verizon network in Alaska.
    I haven't used my phone in Canada for a couple years, so I don't remember what the phone would say when I was there.
  4. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    Verizon, MCI, and Sprint have not applied to be able to directly provide coverage here in Alaska. AT&T Wireless here is now owned by Cellular One. They also have agreements for others to use thier network. ACS also has a network as does Alaska Digitel.

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