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cell phones

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by linmil, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. linmil

    linmil Guest

    We are sailing on the Vision in March. CAn anyone tell me if it is possible to use cell phones on the ship? Any info would be great.
  2. tgrove

    tgrove Guest

    On the ship, they will not work.

    When you are in port, they may. You should check with your carrier. There may be roaming charges that can add up quickly.

    Happy Sailing!
  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    As tgrove stated you have a great chance of the phone working in port. also, keep this a secret, :lol but don't appease your cell phone carrier. They WANT you to call from another country. They will be more than happy to empty your wallet with the roaming charges that they are waiting to charge you.

    Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor. Leave the telephone home.
  4. a6fan1127

    a6fan1127 Guest

    Why? Its a cruise to relax and get away from that stuff! Put it in your baggage and pull it out when you get to the airport for the trip home. If anything is that important ( or you are too important) that you can't miss it maybe you should stay home. Enjoy your trip in peace!
  5. bicker

    bicker Guest

    The great thing about cell phones is that you can choose whether to use them or not. I typically leave it turned off when I travel on vacation, and only turn it on when I want to call someone else.
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Celebrity Summit- you can use cell phones on the ship at sea. Its a testing stage.
    (I can only imagine the cost one incurs by using such a service. The way theymake it sound is its free.

    Wonder how long its gonna be before we are now sitting in the dining room on formal nights listening to all the cell phone conversations around us....
  7. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I'm going to pray really, really hard that Colin Vietch of NCL doesn't implement such a service. He's thinking of that very same thing. More ways to ruin someone's vacation that they've paid thousands for. Pity really.

    Cheryl.. it won't be long now. :(
  8. bicker

    bicker Guest

    This is actually old news:
    Cell phones don't ruin vacations -- people ruin vacations, like those Typhoid Marys who have been carrying Norovirus onto cruise ships recently, making hundreds of people sick!
  9. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Cell phones on a ship will be awful but I know it's coming. I hate when someone's phone rings during dinner or at a movie. Please leave the phones on silent!
  10. bicker

    bicker Guest

    That's good advice, regardless of where you are. Cell phone ringers are for private places, not public places.
  11. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    bicker I agree with you.

    I have to revise my last post. I wouldn't mind at all if cell phone usage is kept in a private place. Such as in your own stateroom, or your own balcony and the voice is kept down to a virtual whisper.

    I use my cell phone on the bus ride in the morning quite often. BUT!! I talk so softly, the person sitting next to me most all of the time is asleep and I am careful not to disturb.
  12. I have a sprint cell and it didn't work in Cozumel in Dec 04 but it worked great in the caymans if that helps at all. I'm not sure where you are going. My phone is paid for by my company so I wasn't too concerned about making a 5 minute call home to say hi. I have no idea what it cost.
  13. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    It will not be long before you see cel phone access on rccl ships. It is allready in the works, but you will have to go through the ships system and you will stil be charged a crazy amount to make the call.
  14. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    i have sprint as well, it worked in cozumel but not in the caymans so i am backwards to the above poster,,, its all luck of the draw
  15. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    Actually it wont be luck of the draw when this service comes out because it is ship based, and can be used even at sea. As for using your cel phone in any non US ports in the caribbean I would not reccomend it unless you have a special plan with your phone company, I have seen to many people get hundreds of dollars of charges for what they thought were short cheap calls.
  16. dgz48

    dgz48 Guest

    There is a wonderful product on the market. It is not legal yet in the US. It is a cellphone supresser. the large ones are being put into restaurants, libraries, stores, etc. It does not allow a cellphone to get a signal.. The small ones apparantly are effective for an area of about 30 feet surrounding you. Thats big enough to stop the totally self-absorbed genuis' who care nothing for anyone around them. "Hi yah! We are in the restaurant. Whatchadoin...blah blah blah. Can't wait
  17. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I know well of what you speak of dgz. First off..welcome to the boards.. I know there are two types. passive and non passive. With the passive, the walls of the business are lined with some sort of a signal blocker. I believe churches, and movie theaters, and libraries will be among the first to use these types. I believe these types of blockers are legal. They might even want to post a sign telling people so. This forces them to leave the premises. if they feel the need to yap.

    The non passive, which is a hand held device looks just like a cell phone by the way, is not legal in the US and I don't think it will be. The argument is you may be blocking a call coming in for or from a doctor, and I can't help but think to myself, would I want to be responsible for blocking those calls.

    But when people get on the bus for the two commutes, I need not tell you about the useless, annoying conversations I hear. When they try to speak softly, that really doesn't help either because that gets even more annoying.

    But anyhow.. that's my feelings.
  18. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    once upon a time there was no thing called a cell phone,,, people seemed to manage just fine .. doctors got paged..... and the world still revolved... hmmmm imagine that.:)
  19. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    That's what I'm saying. On the same token, there's a time and a place for everything.
  20. Chrissie

    Chrissie Guest

    Schooner Wrote:
    > > It will not be long before you see cel phone
    > access on rccl ships. It is allready in the
    > works, but you will have to go through the ships
    > system and you will stil be charged a crazy amount
    > to make the call.

    Actually, the price is not going to be so bad. It is going to be set by your carrier, not the ship. If you have AT&T Cingular, the price is going to be about $1.69 per minute, from what I have heard. This beats the $7.99 per minute the ship charges!!


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