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Century Nov. 2, 2002

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Danc, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. Danc

    Danc Guest

    I have only found one other group going on this date. I am begining to think it was cancelled and nobody told us. (not really) but there has to be others going. Somebody please reply.
  2. Well, we will have the entire ship to ourselves on Sept. 14th as there is no one else scheduled (Except my sister and her hubby who are going with us). Just think - no fighting for deck chairs and all the deserts you can eat!! I'll let you know how it is to have the run of the Century!
  3. Nija

    Nija Guest

    Hi my best friend and I will be going on this cruise as well...I just found this board today. I've been hanging out on the Cruise Critic boards and there are about 3 other groups as well. We are really looking forward to cruise....maybe we can get together.
  4. Danc

    Danc Guest

    Alright, there are others out there that are going! Thanks for the replies.
  5. We'll be there with you guys. See you then. :)
  6. marlee

    marlee Guest

    I've been hanging out at Cruise Critics also! Capt. Kirk and I ( Marlee ) will be with you guys on Nov. 2nd's Century....PARTY TIME!! There are 30 of us signed up so far...looking forward to meeting you along with our friends...Tim & Gale (Their 1st cruise).....Now I remember what it was like to be a kid at Christmas time...
    Can I PLEASE open a few of the gifts NOW???

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