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Went to the travel agent today and have an inside stateroom on hold. I have 1 week to make a final decision. I'm excited but also a bit nervous! Haven't cruised since I was a child. I'm now 28 and my husband and I are travelling w/another couple. The total for both of us including port/govt. charges is $1,700.00. This doesn't include airfare. (we found a good deal though). Is this reasonable for a cruise for 2? Does soda come free? Also, what do we need to tip for and how do we go about it? Thanks for any suggestions!

Andrea (You guys are great w/your responses. thanks so much!)


When are you planning on going? This has a lot to do with prices, also what catagory/deck did you reserve your cabin on? With this info. you can check out some other travel agencies (some good ones with links on here) to compare prices. The soda is not free, but you can purchase a soda card, sorry, don't know the price for this. Lemonade & punch are free during the breakfast, lunch & dinner buffets at the dispensing machines, or free at the main restaurant, just ask your waiter. As far as gratuties goes, Celebrity suggests the following: (this is all per person, per day)
Waiter $3.50
Assistant Waiter $2.00
Maitre d' $ .75
Butler (Suites Only) $3.50
Stateroom Attendant $3.50
Chief Housekeeper $ .50
For all the above gratuities you will be provided with envelopes that you can hand to the appropriate people. You may tip more or less depending on the service you recieve. We usually have the suggested amounts put aside in the safe & then add to it if we want.
Also, tipping for room service is usual, as is your baggage handlers, etc. which you can just present as need be.

Les and Shirley

You are a bit younger than our kids are. OK, I am going to give you a "fatherly" answer. Please do not get mad at me for this. It is part of what you have to go through as part of growing up.
Remember, my mom and dad treated me the same when I was your age and I made it.
First, go to the Celebrity website. It is celebrity.com. Check their pricing for the same exact cruise, cabin category as you have a :hold" with your local TA. If the Celebrity price is lower than the one from your TA, I suspect you are being overcharged. Contact your TA and ask him/her to explain why the Celebrity price is lower than the one quoted to you. If your price is equal to or lower than the Celebrity website price, you are not being overcharged for the cruise. There are internet travel agents available that will provide discount prices when compared to a full-service TA. However, you do have to be very specific about what you are looking for in a cruise when you use a discount "no frills" TA.
Good Luck in finalizing your cruise plans.
You get a special feeling when the cruise ship pulls away from the home port and the pool band is playing "Amazing Grace" or "Hot, Hot, Hot," or whatever. Enjoy your cruise!!!



I agree with janz it does sound high for an inside. I will check around the sites and see what I find. I think you had mentioned to me you were going on the 14 th.

I will E-mail you........

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You really need to compare prices. This sounds high but not sure the dates your looking to go.


I agree, it seems like it could be high, but depending on when you're going ...

We're not paying much more for CC on Century next January, but we booked 11 mo in advance and we're going during what's considered a bit lower season.


We paid $1600 total for 2 people on Celebrity Zenith, for a 2 week cruise, category 4 guarantee and ended up with a nice high oceanview room. You really have to do your homework and SHOP AROUND. and to cut back further on expenses, bring your own booze if you like to drink on occasion...

Cheers and good luck


Ok Princess, I thought I was good but you whupped me. $680 plus a captain's upgrade? Who is your travel agent? We're at $750 4/17 for a cat 5 before asking for the upgrade?


Here is another price, we paid about $600 pp for sept. 18th for a cc cabin. we used a captains club coupon for that. good price. so shop around and pay attention to the dates on the coupons. deb 9/18 century.