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Century room service

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Danc, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Danc

    Danc Guest

    Can we order a full breakfast from room service? We have an outside cat. 4 cabin. I was told only continental breakfasts are avilable. Also can you order from the regular menu from room service, if so I would think ther are time restrictions. Last question do all the cabins on the Century have refridgerators or just the suites? I am getting mixed replys on these questions. Thanks, Dan
  2. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    I haven't been on Century yet, but every Celb ship I've been on so far will bring you a full breakfast if you write in on the order form what you want. It only shows a limited continental style breakfast, but I've never been in a suite, and they always bring me the "extra" stuff I order.

    Yes, there is a time limit if you want to order off the dinner menu for room service. I forget what the times are, but I've missed it before.

    I'm told that Century does have a refridgerator in all cabins, but it is stocked (pay as you use it mini bar kind of thing) like on other Celebrity ships. Sometimes you can get your steward to remove the pay items so you have an empty fridge.

  3. JanZ

    JanZ Guest

    Yes, you can order room service for all meals. The times will be in a brochure in your cabin. We had the room steward empty our refrig and restock it with what we brought with us..(beer and soda)...
  4. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    Yes you will have a stocked pay as you drink fridge in your room. And you can order full meals during the hours they serve lunch in the dinning room and dinner in the dinning room. As long as the dinning room is serving you can order, so it gives you plenty of time . We do it at least once during our cruise it is great. They bring it to you on a rolling table , white table cloth, the best :thumb

    Laurie :candle
  5. Danc

    Danc Guest

    Thanks for the replies, I am somewhat confused about the breakfast question. The order you hang on your door the night before is for a cont. breakfast. Do you actually write on it eggs, toast ,hash browns ect. Maybe someone who has been on the Century can clairify.
  6. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    Yes... you write on it "scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, etc... and that's what they bring... it's that way on every Celeb ship I've been on.

  7. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Thanks for bringing this up and explaining. I had a similar question. Will they even bring items like Eggs Benedict to your cabin?

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