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Century Sky Suite 1061

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by geeandp, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. geeandp

    geeandp Guest

    Going on 4 night cruise Dec 20th. Can anyone tell me about this room? This is first time I am going to splurge on larger room. Looks like a good size balcony. I will be so pleased to have a real tub as well. Been a long time since I've sailed Celebrity, but anxious to go again.
  2. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    I can't tell you about 1061, but I have been in the deck 10 sky suites a couple of times, including once in 1060. I assume 1061 is identical.

    The room is good sized, with a large bathroom. And, yes there is a tub in there, though it is a small one as you would find in a motel room. The deck is not huge, but it is large enough for two people. Mine have had a lounge chair, a regular chair, and a small table. The closet is very large for a cruise ship and a real luxury. And, there is plenty of drawer space in various places in the room.

    Have a great time. You will love Century.

  3. geeandp

    geeandp Guest

    Thanks, It's hard to tell about the balconies. It appeared as I looked online at X that the starboard side had smaller balconies for some reason than the port side. I can't imagine why, but as long as I get a breeze, I could care less. The tub and closet more than makes up for that. I've never had a suite before, so this will be sheer luxury. I've only been on X once n 1992 when the Zenith was brand new. I loved it then and if I'm cruising, I'm in heaven.....
  4. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    If you liked Zenith (and I do too), then Century will really thrill you. There is no difference in size of the balconies or rooms in the deck ten sky suites based on side of the ship. There was probably some distortion in printing of the deck plans. You will definitely have plenty of space to get a little sun and a breeze.

    Have a great cruise.

  5. geeandp

    geeandp Guest

    I thought that deck plans looked a bit funny.... no matter, cabin on board a cruise ship is a great cabin. Yes, loved the Zenith and a bit sad to see her leave X, but from what I can see online, the renovations on Century are amazing. Can't wait, thanks again..
  6. BobbyCruiser

    BobbyCruiser Guest

    anybody know exactly was done to the century with her refurb? and yes the ship is beautiful and very spacious. i spent a wek on her and was rarely bored. even on the sea days.
  7. Sky suite 1233 Mercury

    Cruise value wise this Sky suite is a rip off. The inside square footage of this cabin is not much more than the square footage of the inside cabin across the corridor. It is not even as big as a mini suite on most ships. What's big is the balcony and the view is great. The only suite like thing is the Butler. The cabin is so small and has no divider or privacy curtain so one can't get morning butler service without disturbing the other. Their is no reading lamp near the loveseat and the drop lights over the couch for reading are on the same switch as the drop lights over the head of the bed, so reading on the loveseat makes it impossible for anyone in bed to sleep. Speaking of the loveseat, the only way we could use it was by covering it with a blanket. Loveseat indeed. It was stained and icky. The Mercury Sky suites are located under the ships Air Conditioning system at the base of the smokestack and as the ship quiets for the night the AC sound is very audible. One needs earplugs to sleep. Celebrity misleads passengers calling this a suite. Size makes a suite not butler service. This is being written from the Mercury, docked today in Ketchikan, AK.
  8. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    We had room 1001 (Conceirge Class) right before the refurb, which is not a sky suite, and it still was one of our most favorite cabins of all of our cruises. Now the refrub has made Century probably the best ship in the Celebrity fleet. Any amount spent on a Celebrity cruise is worth it, if you ask me. They are our favorite line.

    BTW, if you have "Captain Rock Star," you will absolutely love him. I believe his real name is Nikolas Pagonis, but his nickname is Captain Rock Star. When you see him, you'll get it. What a great guy! We were fortunate to have dinner with him and got to know him well.

    I know you will enjoy your cruise.
  9. phinnb

    phinnb Guest

    Sorry, been out of state for awhile.... I'm confused. I am going by the sq footage that I read online and in Celebrity brochure. Accordingly, this room should be bigger than any inside cabin. I've been on several balcony cabins and the interior of those rooms I would compare to the interior of the inside cabin, so how could this suite be no larger???
  10. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Without starting a huge argument, just be assured that the statement that the inside square footage of the sky suite was about the same as an inside cabin is just plain incorrect. While some may not have thought the difference in price was worth it, there is a significant difference in size and the suites routinely sell out. There must be many people who think they are worth it.

  11. phinnb

    phinnb Guest

    Never having been in a Suite, I'm sure it will be a significant luxury to me. I'll let you know when I get back...
  12. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Captain Rock Star

    Ain't he GLORIOUS???
    Gives a girl something extra to cruise for....a change to gaze longingly at Nicky.
  13. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    Re: Captain Rock Star

    Tell me about it. We had the chance to dine with him during formal night, and then later during the cruise at a private luncheon. My wife sat next to him both times. Kinda left me out in the cold, but what a great guy!

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