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Century vs Galaxy

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Jonboy, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Jonboy

    Jonboy Guest

    Hi There,

    We were wondering if anyone out there has been on both of these ships. We have always wanted to try Celebrity but are not intimate with any of these ships. We have a booking on hold until tomorrow (for a Feb 20 th sailing) so we have to decide soon.
    We were wondering:
    1) Which ship do you perfer
    2) Which ship would have a younger crowd (we are in our early 30's)
    3) Which ship has the better nightlife (ie disco etc)
    4) Which ship has the better pool area (ie size, wood, # of hottubs)
    5) Is the buffet open 24 hours

    Thanks in advance

  2. jendeyoung

    jendeyoung Guest

    The Galaxy is slightly larger than the Century, obviously leading to more deck space. The Galaxy also has three decks with balcony cabins, while the century only has two. The age groups on the ships really vary by destination and time of year, but I would estimate that a 30-year old would be placed into the younger age group.
  3. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    We've sailed both. They are sister ships. The Galaxy is a little bigger, and a year newer. We found the pax to be about the same. We are in our in our early 50's, and usually hang out with a younger crowd, they're were plenty of people on both ships.
  4. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    I'll make it easy - if you like one, you'll like the other. Almost identical except for the extra balconies jendeyoung posted above.
  5. goldie

    goldie Guest

    My husband and I will be on the 2/20 Galaxy and we are in our early 30's so there you have it! Come join the 30 something gang on Celebrity Galaxy!!
  6. idssms

    idssms Guest

    If one was blind folded and placed in either ship's cabins, it would be hard to distinguish between the two. As stated above,, they are the almost the same except for a few small decor differences.
  7. Jonboy

    Jonboy Guest

    We chose the Century...........only reason was to avoid SanJuan airport.

    Thanks for your comments.
  8. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    You should not be dissapointed. Friends of mine will be on the Galaxy (they wanted to do islands they had not been to yet) at the end of the month and asked me the same question since we have been on the Century twice. Gave them same answer I replied above to your post.
    IMHO, I agree with you as we also dislike the San Juan airport.
  9. glanders

    glanders Guest

    Century seemed more formal to me - but was upgraded to SS, so the surrounding may have made me feel that way - maybe it was the orange color palette of the Galaxy. Galaxy crowd seemed younger, but that was in Alaska, and Century was E. Caribbean.
  10. cruiseman123

    cruiseman123 Guest

    I would choose the Galaxy. From my point of view the public rooms are nicer and feel newer. And the San Juan Air port is not bad we got off the plane and had our bags within 20 minuts. And the Island hopping was great.
  11. Jonboy

    Jonboy Guest

    jeez....you're making me second guess my decision to go on the Century. Please no more good reviews on the Galaxy (only bad ones)......
  12. Tatka

    Tatka Guest

    Century is a great ship.

    I sailed on her last summer with my 12 yo son ( I am 32 now ). Very classy ship with great service. Nice ports.

    I've never been on Galaxy but will repeat my Century Cruise in New York minute.

    Btw..don't expect great night life on any of these ships. I think karaoke was great.
    I went couple of times to the disco and it was fairly good although I am not a big dancer so can't really comment on that.

    My husband didn't go with me this time so I thought I would feel very lonely (of course my son didn't want to spend all the time with me) and I am not native English speaker (Russian) but I had no problem making new friends (my age or older) and I'm still communicating with some of them.

    Have FUN on Century! You won't be sorry.
  13. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest


  14. idssms

    idssms Guest

  15. lysolqn

    lysolqn Guest

    Century is the first of the Century-class ships, with Galaxy being the second and Mercury the third. The ships are almost identical, though Galaxy is slightly bigger and newer. You can't lose either way.
  16. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    Galaxy couple tens of feet longer, and the cafe has more glass. Look at deck 9 or 10 aft of each ship and you'll notice a huge different.
  17. Sailed both of them.

    Wow, I totally disagree with folks that say the ships are near identical. I think they are quite different. The only thing similar about them is their layout, but that's not even identical. Galaxy is a bit longer, has an aft quiet pool, has an aft secondary foyer where the champagne bar is housed, and there are differences in the layout in terms of where Michael's is located, in the Century have a sports bar called Images that Galaxy does not have. Galaxy has a unique feature in its "poodle bar", the cafe area between its theater and foyer. The Galaxy has a 4 deck foyer where the Century has 3. And minor decor differences? the decor differences are major and far more extensive than most sister ships. None of the major areas look or feel particularly similar. Century has totally different furnishings and layouts in all of the major areas, the dining room, the major lounges, the lido, even the staircases are different in a major way. The only public room that is almost similar is the nightclub, the Galaxy's Savoy and Century's Crystal. Galaxy has huge windows in the Stratosphere where Century's are a lot smaller. I would get pictures of the interiors of the two ships, put their major areas side by side, and I think this will bear out the huge differences between the ships. Also, the Mercury is quite different than both Galaxy and Century in decor, feel, furnishings, and some layout particulars.

    Both ships are great, IMO. The Century has a feel of luxury liner, the Galaxy a more chic look but with period areas. Color schemes are way different, Century is dark and rich, Galaxy more playful with many bright colors. Overall, my favorite is the Galaxy, but Century is wonderful as well. Nightlife will be no different, it depends on the itineraries and fellow pax, as are pax age. Galaxy has the aft pool, Century does not, but the main pool area is very similar.

    Century and Galaxy are two very distinct ships, IMO. Sisters yes, near identical or identical. No.
  18. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    Just got off the Galaxy from Rome. Having been on RCI's Splendour of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas i really think that the Galaxy should be despatched to the 'scrapyard in the sky' and i most certainly wasnt the only cruiser to feel this way!
  19. viet630

    viet630 Guest

    We were on the Century in april. She to is getting very worn. the common areas, furniture carpet and so on were very tired. I don't know how Celebrity plans to keep the VERY HIGH RATE schedule with the condition of they're older ship's. I will say the service and quality of food,the entertainment was excellent as always. They are just badly worn.
  20. Having sailed on all of Celebrity's fleet, I can say that they are still top notch. Yes, som of their older ships may have worn carpets, big deal. Do you go on a cruise to enjoy the carpet or the first rate service? I can look over a spot or two of worn carpet when I truly feel like every crew member is there JUST for me. Celebrity is wonderful in every aspect of cruising, I guess that is why the continue to rank as the top premium cruise line. I would MUCH rather sail on the Century, Galaxy or any of their "older" ships & get first class service than be crammed onto a RCL ship with 3000+ other people & be herded through lines for everything. Different folks, different strokes I guess. To each his own.

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