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Ch@os Cruisers PLEASE READ!

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Toto, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Toto

    Toto Guest

    Good Morning all of you Ch@os Cruisers (Whoo Hoooo Only 139 more days until we sail). I have been requested to alert you to the fact that there will be activites on board the Dawn Princess for the Ch@os group and some of these need to be pre-arranged through the cruise line.
    Lori Cunningham has agreed to assist us in this matter and make the arrangements. For those booked through Lori C, you are already on the list and you need not send anything, but......................... everyone is included in this no matter who you booked your cruise with.
    What I will be needing is the booking numbers and full names of those that DID NOT book through her so that the cruise line can be alerted and you will also be counted in this happy group.
    So, if anyone out there that has not booked through Lori C will email me their booking numbers and full names of passengers, I can compile a list for Lori to turn over to Princess Cruises. We don't want anyone left out of this so I will re-post this several times before turning in the list.
    Thanks so much all.
    Please email me with the information and I will take care of the rest of it.
    Thanks all, This will not only give us an accurate curiser count, but also assure that everyone is included in the festivites!
    I would like to publically thank Lori Cunningham for her assistance with this matter!

  2. Ginnylou

    Ginnylou Guest

    Okay, I did post on the general board but couldn't pass on this one. You have my information and I am already to :party :dance be :cool and just plain out have fun. :wave
  3. Toto

    Toto Guest

    You sound about as excited as I am about this ginny lou. :lol :lol It will be time to PARTY! :party
  4. Ginnylou

    Ginnylou Guest

    I am so excited, :jump that I am making myself :dizzy but will settle down when it is time to get on the airplane. Will be a perfect :angel

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