Charles (Captain Weather)...


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
If he stays the same or improves over the next day or two they will move him to a regular room.

Mary Ann


And then can we start sending the cards 'n' "stuff" (have to see if can get pizza smuggled in to him ...)?

(If family don't want room and hospital info posted, please pass on our personal e-mails and they can contact us directly, or get OK and PM us ... )

:thankyou: Mama Duck!


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Positive news this morning is good to read (especially the part about him breathing on his own)! Prayers for a full and speedy recovery continue!


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Glad to hear there is some improvement...prayers and best wishes for continued improvement. Thanks for the update Mary Ann.


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I'm so glad that he had no complications during the night and is breathing on his own. Thank you for the update Mary Ann. Prayers will continue.


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Well, that is step one on his road to recovery. Hope it all goes smoothly. Thanks for the update, Mary Ann and please tell Mrs. Charles they are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Krazy Kruizers

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Just got home an hour ago and am in total shock about what happened to Charles.

Prayers for Charles and his family.

Mary Ann -- please keep us updated on Charles.


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:thankyou:Mary Ann for the info. I didn't know anything about it until now. Let's keep the prayers coming.



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Update: "Mrs. Charles" said Charles was awake for a little bit but not long. She is working on getting his glasses so when he does wake up he can see. He is still stable and on pain meds so he is asleep a lot. So far the prognosis is good. The family prefers no phone calls at this time, but appreciate the good wishes of the Cruise @ddicts community. Pucci has sent Charles a fuzzy plush Poodle to keep with him during his convalescense. This may be a long road to recovery. Mary Ann


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Thank you again for your responses.

I don't have information on the hospital, and I know Mrs. Charles would prefer not to have telephone calls for I'll keep posting to this thread (and on Safe Harbor) whenever I have an update to share.


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Hi Mary Ann, I just wanted to write that I saw your original post on Monday only minutes after it was posted and also the Safe Harbour post. I appreciate you letting everyone know what happened and keeping us informed. Charles is very important just as everyone here in our community. We all get alittle more connected the more we communicate with each other and Charles did this regularly as a special contributor. So I know I feel very connected like we almost have met in someway... so its important that we support each other and inform the community.

I'm in the middle of a move and only got fully caught up on things now, so I'm happy the prognosis is good and he is improving.

connie seabee

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Thank you for the update Shipmaven,

Prayers are working, lets continue. I can understand no phone calls. Rest is what's most needed right now. God Bless Mrs Charles and family and give them strength, I hope that they are getting some much needed rest too.


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Captain John - your note is most appreciated. Charles is a very respected member of C@, and what happened to him is very unnerving. :(

Connie - thank you.


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Sending my thoughts and prayers for Charles to make a full recovery. It is unnerving to read that this happened to one of our own and Capt John is right that we all need to support each other.

Thank you Mary Ann for keeping us all updated on Charles' condition and passing along our thoughts to Mrs. Charles & family.

I am happy that for now he is stable - hoping that he heals completely from this trauma.



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Thank you, @ll.

The interim report this morning is that Charles is still in ICU and that he had a good night. He continues to sleep a lot, being sedated by the pain meds, and was awake a couple of times yesterday but not for long due to the sedation.

I should receive more news as the day wears on and shall post then. "Mrs. Charles" and their son are at the hospital.

Mary Ann