Charles' Rehab Address


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That is GREAT news!!!! All of our prayers have been answered!!! Now he can concentrate on rehabbing. I am familiar with the Kessler Institute, and It is one of the best rehabs in the country. The Rutgers football player who broke his neck and is paralyzed from the neck down, is there. Perhaps with Mrs. Charles permission, I can pay Charles an in person visit.
Please check your PM's - two of them. Thanks.


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I am so relieved to read that it was not blood clots but instead fluid in lungs. I hope that Charles is able to continue on his recovery so he can be home very soon!

Thank you Mary Ann & Pucci for the updates.



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I have been out of the loop so to speak for the last two weeks. Sorry to hear Charles is having problems. Will try to get a card out to him soon.