Charter a boat or not?

10 of us are taking a cruise in December and I have found a catamaran we can go on privately for around the same price as going on a bigger catamaran with other people. If we don't get lunch, then it is much cheaper than going on the bigger boat. Anyone been on this boat? Barbados Private Catamaran Charter Snorkeling Excursion
Is there somewhere when you get off the cruise ship that we can pick up our own lunch and take with us? For $25 extra for lunch and drinks, i think we can save some cash and bring our own. Can you bring your own alcohol if you charter a boat?

S&M in Pgh

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I second the charter, if it includes transportation. Coordinating cabs for that many could be a real pain. But don't discount thier lunch. The usually put out a good spread and on the way back, bottomless rumpunch can't be beat. That can help prevent the drinking and then snorkeling, which is the complete wrong order to do that in.