Cheap deals on repositioning cruises

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I found this story on cruises called repositioning cruises were they want to move the ship from one part of the world to another. The prices are good, but I'm worried about sea sickness on long journeys across the oceans.
Has anyone got experience on these repositioning cruises?

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we did a 28 dayer from LAX to Tahiti and back in October..not truly a repo; just a an extended sailing with 8 days at sea back to was fine..and we have done a repo from NYC to FLL 4 years ago, and going to do it again this year..with all the stabilizers. and breadth and weight of the was fine by me..I have transderm scope patches for behind my ear ..and wore on for 1 1/2 days from LAX out to Hawaii..and 2 days during Hurricane Sandy back in 2012..once the waves hit > 9 feet my tummy is not happy..but it's good with me to have them if I need them...only used them 5 x in 20 years and not at all in the Baltic 5 years's kind of hit or miss, good luck, and happy cruise picking...:)..Joanne


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I've never done a true "repositioning cruise"...the problem for us is timing...My wife works for the school district, so our big vacation windows are Mid-June to the begining of August--Summer Vacation...and three weeks around Christmas and New Years--"Winter Break"...

Those repositioning cruises are inevitably in Spring and Fall...for good reasons: There are different "seasons" for cruising in different parts of the world...Alaska's cruise season is strictly in the summer...and Alaska is a big money maker for the cruise lines...Australia/New Zealand and South America have their seasons reversed from ours here in the Northern the cruise lines want ships there in December and January... You couldn't sell a cruise to the Baltic or Norwegian Fjords or Iceland in the dead of Winter...but those are very popular in the summer...and so on...
So, when the cruise lines deploy their fleets, they will move a large number of ships to Alaska and to Europe for the summer season and they'll move them to the Southern Hemisphere or the Caribbean for the winter...AND about halfway between each of these seasons, they need to have at least one cruise per ship that takes it across the Atlantic from the Caribbean to Europe...and back...and through the Panama Canal and up the Pacific Coast to get from the Caribbean to Alaska...and back...and down the coast from Alaska and across the Pacific to Australia...and back...

Traditionally, these aren't easy cruises to sell...a lot of at sea days, fewer ports...and a lot of people have some sort of fear about having to purchase one-way air tickets--though that is getting easier. "Newbie" cruisers tend not to like those multiple at sea days...Many think they are paying to go places and these cruises aren't taking them a lot of places...So, the cruise lines tend to discount these cruises...and a lot of veteran cruisers like these...The folks who just enjoy being on a ship, getting fed and entertained, etc. One always hears the stories on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean of these cruises being so crowded with veteran cruisers that they can't accommodate the numbers of Elite/Diamond cruisers onboard in the designated free drink lounges and instead have resorted to just distributing a finite number of "free drink" coupons...

As to seasickness, these cruises wouldn't bother me any more than cruising down the Pacific Coast to the Mexican Riviera ...or across the Atlantic to Bermuda...or up the North Atlantic to Iceland...No particular at sea day would be any more rocky than any of those days--the intensity doesn't increase because such days are strung together...And ships today have such great stabilizer systems that I rarely feel the motion anyway...


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As for the days of cheap repositions cruises...those days are gone. We have done SYD to LAX/SFO twice and Europe to FLL/MIA three times. Our experience is we need to book as soon as they become available. They are now in high demand for they very reason some people are hesitant...lots of sea days. We booked our next one...SYD to LAX 2-1/2 years in advance. Cabins will be available until just after final payment but location is not prime nor is the price. We monitor pricing and often have two or three price reductions before we sail. Yes there will be some low price cruises three to four weeks before sailing but for mostly inside cabins and often in the spring when ships go back to Europe. We prefer to fly first and bring the ship back (fall) as do many others from sales. Also need to factor in airfare. Often hard to get reasonable fares on short notice.