Check bags at port?


Bill White

We booked our own flights to and from Miami (I’m not cheap, just wanted to have the extra money to spend on excursions). Pre-cruise, we’re staying at the Marina Park Hotel across the street from the port. Post-cruise, our flight doesn’t leave FLL until 6:00 PM.

Does anyone know if we can check our luggage thru to the airport at the port so we don’t have to drag it around all day? I know we did last time, but we booked our flight thru the cruise.

Does anyone know of a “service†that takes your luggage from the port to the airport? I know that the heightened security may have eliminated all of these options, but I though I’d ask.



RCI discontinued checking bags at the dock after 9/11. I really miss that convenience. I personally can't see the difference between airline employees checking bags at the dock or at the airport.


And the airlines won't accept your bags if it's earlier than 4 hours before your flight departs. I ran into that problem last year trying to get on an earlier flight than what I was booked on. American Airlines in Miami wasn't going to check my bags because I was too early checking in. Once I explained that I wanted to go stand by on an earlier flight, they took them.