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Check out these Pictures of Ecstasy in a Storm

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cpprinttom, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. aprilivy

    aprilivy Guest

    I must say, I took a cruise in 1992 to Bahamas. Our ship was bouncing around the waters just like this. We all had our life jackets on and people were puking all over the place. When we got to port, the larger ships had experienced a similar ride (according to their passengers) but our Captain said they have stabilizers and wouldn't have felt the same thing we did.
    We actually had a passenger sitting on the deck with his feet up - we listed to the starboard side and he went flying across the deck while we all tried to grab him to keep him from slamming into the other side.
    I know, this sound preposterous...I have it on video!
    Wild rides do happen!
  2. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Wow, I stand corrected then... But I would still like more background info on this series of photos!
  3. randk

    randk Guest


    I have already asked once but i will ask again, cpprinttom, could you provide more details on how you got these photos, have your friend explain how or where they got the photos. Any info other than, they were just emailed me, would be nice. they are good photos regardless of real or fake. Just want to know what we are really looking at. Kinda of like the House on the rock in Wisconsin. Belived to be real for many years and than it was proved to be faked or at least alot of it. Still a neat thing.
  4. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Isn't it interesting that we've heard no more from this poster regarding these photos?
  5. cpprinttom

    cpprinttom Guest

    Isn't WHAT interesting?
    I asked my friend who sent me these and he said someone sent them to him and he would ask them about them. I am sorry I ever posted these photos. I thought you would all want to see them, but I guess you just want to BLAME me for posting FAKE photos not knowing any info on them!!
    As far as I know they are REAL!!
    If you can't prove there FAKE then shut up!!
  6. Word on the street is that these photos were taken from the Sensation, when both ships were sent into the Gulf to ride out Rita.
  7. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I heard something similary to what cruisin'tigger posted.
  8. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Cpprinttom, I don't recall anyone trying to BLAME you for posting fake photos; we had reasonable suspicions and simply wanted more information-- i.e., who took them, when were they taken, where were they taken, etc., etc. For all we know, your friend could have gotten them from a friend who got them from a friend who DID make them up, so no-- no one's blaming YOU for doing ANYTHING; we just want to know whether or not they're real. To say that "If you can't prove there [sic} FAKE then shut up!!" is NOT a resonable reply to such a question. YOU were the one who posted the photos; that means the burden of proof rests on YOU, not US.

    I will be the first to admit that a MAJOR pet peeve of mine is the huge deluge of "urban legend" crap that comes my way every day via e-mail-- you know, like the pictures of the huge alligator supposedly killed on the streets of New Orleans after Katrina-- that sort of stuff. 99% of that stuff is untrue, but people continue to forward it all over the place, never bothering to question it, and before you know it half the country is believing half-truths and misinformation at best, outright lies at worst.

    So when I see amazing pictures (and yes, they're amazing, real OR faked) with only an explanation of "I got them from a friend of mine," I have no choice BUT to be skeptical and assume they ARE fake until proven otherwise. I for one don't want to be a part of spreading the rumors, if that indeed is what they are.

    So, cpprinttom, no personal offense meant towards you at all, but please don't jump on the rest of us for asking some very appropriate questions.
  9. randk

    randk Guest

    Veryn well put Cori, I could not have said it better. I second what Cori said.

    CODNERZ Guest

    I looked into this, and these picturers are real, I found website with story, but it was not full of passengers just crew, for repositioning. Undercurrents are what cause the problem and the narrow boat. The boat was not far from shore,and water became worse towards shore back waves. It was a emergency rescue helicopter that took them, for safety of the crew to make it to shore. No injurys to boat or crew. Pretty scary looking, but not in middle of ocean as it seems in pictures.
  11. randk

    randk Guest

    could you tell me the source of the story? I would like to take a look at it myself and copy it to go along with the photos

  12. docken2000

    docken2000 Guest

    Pictures are so Fake.........I cannot believe you people would fall for it.
  13. randk

    randk Guest

    Ok Docken2000, you have weighed in on this. Please advise as to your proof and where we can find it that states and supports your accusatation of them being fakes. You must know something and have access to it to come out with that strong of a statement. Will be waiting to see it for myself.

  14. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    Personally I think the pictures look real. Thanks for posting them Cpprinttom!
  15. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Yeah, they look real to me, too. I don't see why people doubt that a ship the size of the Ecstasy could be thrown around like that by a storm that practically took out an entire city. It never occurred to me that they were fake until someone brought it up on this thread. Maybe I'm naive.....can someone educate me on why this is so unbelieveable?
  16. randk

    randk Guest

    The pictures look real to me. the problem is that no one can documate where they came from or who took them. They came from a friend of a friend of a friend. Cori said it best,

    "I will be the first to admit that a MAJOR pet peeve of mine is the huge deluge of "urban legend" crap that comes my way every day via e-mail-- you know, like the pictures of the huge alligator supposedly killed on the streets of New Orleans after Katrina-- that sort of stuff. 99% of that stuff is untrue, but people continue to forward it all over the place, never bothering to question it, and before you know it half the country is believing half-truths and misinformation at best, outright lies at worst"

    All anyone has asked for is who took the pictures, how did they take the pictures. A no brainer if they are in fact real. If they have been doctored then who did and man did they do a good job. I would just like to know the facts behind something. Why is it unbelivable? To much fakery out there, photoshopping of photos are an everyday thing, even the newspapers do it anymore, they like to crop a shot to make it look as there are more people or a larger group than there really is. to be able to pull one over for the heck of it, see how far the joke will go, should I go on or is that enough? I have not yet seen these photos else where and no one has taken credit for the shoting of them. If those photos are in fact real, they have a big dollar folder in the negatives. Or at least the copy right of them.
  17. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    randk.....I wasn't really weighing in either way as to whether they are real or fake, other than my opinion that they look real to me....that wasn't the point of my post. :) I was asking an honest question...Cori said:

    "Seriously, the more I think about these photos, and the couple times I've gone back to look at them again, they seem less and less realistic... The ship is being tossed about like a child's toy, listing this way and that, and quite frankly, the seas don't even look THAT rough. And cruise ships are HUGE, remember? It would take a lot of sea to be throwing a ship that size around like the pictures suggest."

    I was simply wondering why people would think that a storm so strong couldn't throw a ship, even one of that size, around, especially since that thought never occured to me. Like I said....I may be naive...I've never been in "rough seas" so I have no idea how high the waves should be in order to cause so serious rocking on a huge cruise ship.

    I have no problem at all with finding the origin of the pictures, and I'd love to know the story behind them....but it looks like no one wants to give up that info, huh? =dunno
  18. randk

    randk Guest

    That is the point Lizardstew, I know that a strom could toss a ship around real easy, look what it did to the shores, bridges and houses. The pictures look real, seem very real, and I believe they could be real. but why no other information, who took them, how did they take them, who is the person that sent them to the poster, where did he/she get them, why are they only posted here? Just some simple questions that even the orginal poster has not answered nor can answer. Just trying to find something out about them that has brought into question about them being real or faked. Whatever the outcome, they are good photos. If they had been taken from another ship in the same water, wouldn't the pictures would be out of focus, blurred, and at odd angles? Just some more food for thought.
  19. Cori

    Cori Guest

    Well as far as I'm concerned, the longer it takes for "proof" to come out, the less likely I am to believe they're real.

    As I've mentioned before, there are a number of points which make me suspicious. One huge one is the fact that there are pictures at all-- it's not like someone was standing on a ladder, taking these pictures. There are shots from all sorts of angles and are from an elevated position, so they would most likely have had to have come from a helicopter. I know a previous poster claimed they were taken by a rescue helicopter-- however, aside from being in rough seas, was the ship in distress? I highly doubt they would send a rescue helicopter out INTO A HURRICANE unless there was an actual RESCUE needed-- why put the pilot's and the flight crew's lives at risk unnecessarily? I KNOW they wouldn't send a helicopter out to "watch over" every ship riding out some rough seas; that makes absolutely no sense. And besides, even if they did, wouldn't the crew be a bit too busy to be snapping pictures?!

    Second point of contention, the "rough seas" issue. I could go either way on this one, but I've been on cruise ships and I've been on deep-sea fishing boats-- and to my (admittedly novice) eye, the cruise ship looks like it's getting tossed around like a little fishing boat, not a massive cruise ship. Look at the waves in most of the pictures-- do they really look that big? Choppy, yes--some whitecaps, yes-- but come on, we're not talking "A Perfect Storm" waves here. To me, the water just does not look to be "rockin' and rollin'" enough to be moving this MASSIVE ship around like that. Like I said, I'm no maritime expert, so this is nothing more than logical speculation on my part... it just seems hard to believe.

    Third, and I'm standing strong by this one, I've not found any sort of corroborating evidence of these pictures being attached to this scenario out there in cyberspace ANYWHERE. Yes, there was an article saying that the ships rode out the storm in the Gulf... but no story attached to photos.

    Credit the photos to a name of a person who actually took them, and that will resolve this entire debate. That doesn't seem too much to ask, does it?

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