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Childless Cruises ?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by champdds, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. champdds

    champdds Guest

    Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but my wife and I are planning our first cruise (no kids) and we would prefer to not be bothered by other people's kids, or even the 16- 25 year old crowd....I guess I am getting old at 37 and do not want a lot of noise ! Does Royal Caribbean have any special adult only cruises or certain ships that separate them more from the adults ?

  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Not that I have found! :lol I think your only course of action here is to plan the cruise while kids are in school. I have sailed in October and there weren't alot of kids onboard then. I have also sailed at Christmas with 1200 kids onboard the Voyager. :lol Timing..it's all in the timing.

    Have a great cruise!
  3. beckidakan

    beckidakan Guest

    My friend and I went on the Fascination last year and noticed there were a few kids on board - but most were kept under control. The only time they were a nuisance is when we would find them in the adult only pool - the staff or parents never seemed to tell those kids to get out. :roll
  4. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    Celebrity has adult only cruises.


  5. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Yes Celebrity does schedule some "adults only" cruises from time to time. Not sure what the minimum age is. Suggest you contact Celebrity, or your TA for particulars.
  6. kimmy

    kimmy Guest

    Amen, I am right there with you! I do not like to be bothered by other people's children while on vacation.

    Yes, Celebrity has eight adults only cruises this that were just announced.

    I also find that RCI cruises out of San Juan have fewer children than the FL based sailings, especially on Brilliance class.

    Beware of holidays and summer vacation, as well as spring break.
  7. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    RCI does not have fewer kids out of San Juan during the summer!! There were tons of kids on our summer AOS cruise!! So many in fact, that our two sons felt very crowded in the kids' program. The counselors even spoke Spanish a good part of the time because there were so many Spanish-speaking kids onboard and they didn't understand English. Our kids didn't understand Spanish. The kids center was packed and it was one of the worst kids' programs we've seen. Maybe it's different on the Rad. Class ships as "kimmy" says.

    Try Celebrity's "adults only" cruises or cruise during the school year.
  8. kimmy

    kimmy Guest

    I don't do summer cruises as a rule because of kids.

    It has been my personal experience after 93 cruises, that, all else being equal, there are likely to be fewer children out of San Juan.
  9. Tra4

    Tra4 Guest

    93 Cruises?? Wow!! How do you do that?? Or should I say afford it? Are you a TA??
  10. Cruise_fly

    Cruise_fly Guest

    Hi Champdds,

    The solarium area on the Rhapsody was very well policed to keep children out of the area. It was very quiet and peaceful while the main pool area was very active, noisy, and exciting with youngsters enjoying themselves. Trying not to repeat what other posters have said, the best cruises for adults and the older crowd are:

    --Value season
    --Longer itneraries
    --More exotic itineraries
    --More expensive cruise lines
    --Smaller ships

    Some of the specific lines I'd recommend (but not limited to) are Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal, Radisson, Princess (exotics), Holland America, and Celebrity for the more mature crowd.

    I was on a 10 night Princess Panama Canal voyage at 28 years old, about 5-6 younger people on-board. It was a wonderful cruise!

    You can call the cruise line and ask how many children they have booked and ask if they even expect to be running a childrens program. (They won't run the children's program if they don't have enough children on-board.)

  11. kimmy

    kimmy Guest


    I've been lucky! I took my first cruise at 9 (SS Ariadne at 9000GRT), then worked for two cruise lines in Miami when I was in my early 20s, did outside sales for a TA for 17 years and then had a really great job so I could afford to go when I wanted. I also live in FL so the weekend trips are easy. I am in my forties now and do contract work for a cruise line or two. I was a young cruise addict at 9 and have never found a cure!

    94 is coming up 9/11 on the Enchantment.
  12. Tra4

    Tra4 Guest

    That is just amazing!! Its interesting, my kids are already on #5, and my littliest one is 8 years old. She may have to move to FL also. LOL!!!
  13. champdds

    champdds Guest

    Thanks for the replies. I would like to pursue RC. But how does Celebrity rank compared to them , since they have an adult only cruise option?


  14. kimmy

    kimmy Guest


    RCI does not yet - I keep hoping! - have designated childfree sailings so there will be no guarantees. I think you need to set your priorities and make a decision.

    Celebrity is a bit more upscale then RCI, although I believe Radiance, Brilliance and Serenade compete quite nicely. Celebrity will be a more refined experience, really good food and service, lovely ships with larger cabins, but with music, less poolside happenings, less nightlife overall.

    If you choose RCI, heed the advice in the postings and pick a sailing least likely to have kids aboard. Also, I personally would avoid their Voyager class vessels.

    If you have 10 days you could do Brilliance, if you have 7 Serenade out of SJU would be a nice choice. Steer clear of holidays and spring break season. You are guaranteed more families aboard during these times.

    Bon Voyage!

  15. champdds

    champdds Guest

    Just out of curiosity..why avoid Voyager class ? I thought I read somewhere that this was the class to consider ?
  16. kimmy

    kimmy Guest

    Again, this is simply a matter of individual taste. For me, 3200-3500 passengers on a 140,000GRT ship is just too much. Too many people between staff and pax. Radiance and Sovereign class - 70,000-90,000 GRT - is just right. I enjoy meeting other cruisers (I often cruise solo) and this size ship makes that easier. Also, I have found the service and food to be better on the smaller ships and that they have more of a personality. I did not enjoy Voyager, though I did enjoy my AOS sailing. But the megaships ships are simply too big for me and I will make other choices in the future.

    I have four sailings on my horizon: Serenade, Enchantment, Majesty and Serenade again.

    Again, I know many simply love the Voyager class ships and that why cruising is such a wonderful thing: there is truly something for everyone!
  17. Cruise_fly

    Cruise_fly Guest

    Hi David,

    The Voyager class ships are also very family oriented and have a lot of activities for all. You can expect to have a lot of people and activity aboard those cruises. Many people also de-personalize the cruise a bit. It seems, from your initial post, you are looking for the cruise experience delivered by a smaller ship.

  18. laginog

    laginog Guest

    I don't know if it was out of the ordinary or not but we cruised to Alaska last Summer on the Star Princess (a very large ship) and there were very few children aboard. I assumed it was the Alaskan itinerary but I'm not sure. So...you might want to consider that.
  19. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    One thing I really like about Princess is the fact that they limit the number of kids they'll accept on board. They are very strict about this rule. A couple I know were turned away because the maximum limit of 10 kids under 2 yrs. had been reached.

    My sons like the Princess program because there are always fewer kids onboard. :)
  20. champdds

    champdds Guest

    Thank you all... I'll keep on planning !!!!


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