Childless Cruises ?



Just got off of the Rhapsody last Sunday. The solarium pool mentioned above was really interesting....peaceful atmosphere, current in the water and 2 spas. There were mostly adults in there but with a minimum age of 16, we did end up with a couple of bubbas who splashed in with their cowboy hats on their heads.

We also found that the family that drinks together, shouts together among other annoying things. The table for 10 next to us at dinner surely had a couple thousand in alchohol....during dinner alone. Some of those kids didn't look 18 to me.

Another family of 6 were in the schooner bar together. Each of them had a daqueri or a Guiness in hand. The son started out by messing with the musicians equipment so that sis could wow us with her own piano playing (badly, I might add). Later mom walked on the seats to drag dad to the dance floor for a songs worth of groping for front of us, the kids, the Almighty, and the bar staff.

Our waiter explained that minors weren't even allowed to drink even if parents bought the hooch, but I didn't see anyone actively enforcing it.

As a possible's on the land but.....last summer my wife and I went to El Dorado Royale in the Riviera Maya. All inclusive (even drinks of all kinds), adults only (but not sleazy), 5 pools (including a saltwater, natural stone pool), 4 restaurants, attentive staff, nice beach. Rocky bottom in the water but all things considered, not a bad alternative to a cruise.

Lady Jag

Sounds to me like the people that were the problem were the adults. I won't even call them parents, because parents are supposed to set good examples, set limits for their children and enforce rules consistently. Kids are only as good as their parents. :)


Wife and I just got back yesterday from a 4 night cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. It was our first cruise since our daughter was born and I was concened about the kids on board. We wanted some adult time. I was pleasantly surprised given it was a shorter cruise during the summer. The Solarium pool was adults only so there were no kids and it was quite relaxing. I would recommend the RCCL ships because they have an adult pool etc.

Irish Lass

I, too, wish that RCCL would have a few "adults only" cruises each year. Celebrity had a few and Celebrity is a very nice cruise line.
I know some folks say to go during the school year for less kids. But the amazing thing is.........lots of parents don't think twice about dragging their kids out of school for a vacation!! Unbelievable!!


Very interesting discussion. My 6 1/2 year old son will go on his third cruise next spring break (Glory). He loooves cruising and will be a future cruiseaddicts member, I just know it. When he was smaller we went during the schoolyear, and there were always plenty of children,that should be in school. We won't drag him out of school for a week. And it amazes me how many young unsupervised children run around. My son is either with me or in Camp Carnival. And we always ask for a dinning table that has other children. Still, kids are kids and I am going to let him have fun on the cruise. I think people who do not want children around should not take Carnival or RCCL. Camelia

Karen & Dave

Sounds like what you really ought to do is take a Star Clipper, Windstar or Windjammer Barefoot cruise. These are the tall ships. They go everywhere-Caribbean, Mediterranean, Hawaii, Polynesia. They have 150-250 passengers, Most of their cruises are all adults by their very nature. My husband and I will go on the Royal Clipper in two years. We are looking forward to it. Their snorkling equipment is complimentary. They go to out of the way places. Good luck


I would love for RCI to have adults only sailings. I would book these exclusively.

To the poster who said that those who don't want kids around should not sail RCI or Carnival, I find that comment ridiculous. I stay away from Disney and from dates that attract families. I also don't go to restaurants or hotels that cater to families. I do everything I can to minimize vacationing where there likely be a lot of families.

I do not dislike children, just do not appreciate the many allowed to run rampant on cruise ships or anywhere else.

I enjoy RCI the most of the mainstream lines and should not have to find another cruise line because parents will not control their kids and the cruise lines seldom enforce their own rules.

Irish Lass

You said it, Kimmy!!! My thoughts, exactly!!
I'm sure a lot of other people agree, too.............