Cigars on Princess - not a chance



I think Princess is being discriminatory towards cigar and pipe smokers. Last Dec on our cruise, I noticed many Brits and Europeans smoking unfiltered cigarettes anywhere they pleased, inside, outside, casino, pool area, you name it. One night I watched a gentleman of about 70 or so light up a nice fat cuban cigar he purchased in the casino. Within minutes, he was asked to leave. When I asked him about it, he said the employee who shooed him out said that cigars and pipes were only allowed outside.

Excuse me, but I find the smoke from a pipe or a good cigar much more pleasing than some unfiltered cigarette that smells like burning trash.

Yes, I smoke a cigar from time to time, but I feel if you are going to allow one, you should allow all.

RCL and Celebrity even have cigar bars on their ships. I think Princess needs to revisit this.


Hi Mike - how bad WAS the cigarette smoke on Princess when you went in Dec? I detest it ( I live in Nevada and would love to get away from it on vacation). My husband and I are deciding between the Dawn and the Summit Celebrity for a 10 day caribbean. I read there are smoking and non-smoking areas on the ship - is that not adheard to?


The casino was the worst area as they openly permit smoking. The theaters are non-smoking, but some people ignore it. You can smoke anywhere you want in Europe and guests from there did not like being told not to smoke.

Don't get me wrong, the smoke is not pervasive. On deck at night I don't think anyone was smoking.

It is very easy to get away from it.

Lou in MA

We were on the Golden August 6. The dining rooms and theaters were smoke free and the Lounges had designated smoking sections. The casino had smokers, as all casino's do. There was a designated lounge for cigar smokers, the sports club I think.

Generally, I found that smoking rules were observed. There were a fair number of Europeans on the ship and therefore I saw more smokers that I typically do.

The shore excursions in the Mediterranean were all smoke infested, not to mention the terrible smell in the airports.