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Clambshell or Cabana on Half Moon Cay


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Hi there. We're sailing on the Carnival Glory in December and I was reading on another board the benefits of the Cabanas on HMC. They sound expensive at $225 - but I guess if you divide it among 4 people it's not too bad.

Just wondering if any of you have rented one, or the clambshells. If so what are your thoughts?

Thanks, Terry


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tango 55, we rented a clamshell last febuary, and i thought it was great.:doubleup:it was windy and kind of cool,so it was nice to be out of the wind.and you sure could feel the sun...


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I haven't personally rented the cabana's but known people who have. They are very nice for those who want a little privacy and not a big sun worshiper. There is personal staff that will serve you which is nice.

I have rented the clamshells. It's nice for temporary relief from the sun but they get extremely hot when there is no breeze. For the price it's worth it I guess. I didn't get one the following time we visited.


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Too rich for my blood. I'll take a little shade under a palm tree any day. But they'll probably find a way to charge you for that too :biggrin:


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We rented a cabana the last time we were there, and plan to do the same when we are there again next month. We felt that it was so worth the money. First, when you rent a cabana you are automatically on the first tender ashore. Once you land you are taken directly to your cabana via safari truck. You are given snorkel equipment, floating mats, snacks, and soda & water for 4 people. The cabana is air conditioned, and inside is a glass picnic table so you can bring your lunch back, sit down, and eat in comfort. There will be bar waiters assigned to the cabanas to bring back any alcoholic drinks that you desire.(charged to your sail & sign card). The deck of your cabana includes loungers, misters, and a fresh water shower.
We hated to leave, and wound up on the last tender back to the ship. If it is your budget, I would high recommend it.Here are some pics.

Our Cabana - Taupe

Inside view

Side view

Fruit and Veggie snacks. They also included chips & salsa

And of course a lovely beach view!!!


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Just wanted to mention that on Carnival cruises that stop there, the cabanas are not available for pre-sale prior to the cruise. You must go to the shore excursion desk onboard as soon as it opens, as the cabanas sell out quickly. There are only about 12-14 available to rent.

Gayle V

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Ditto to everything Jamman said. We loved the Cabana. I know I'll want one next time. BTW, the amount of food they have waiting for you in the Cabana is way more than four people will comfortably eat. And they'll even bring you the buffet food when that's ready. We didn't have anyone on the cruise that we knew to invite to join us. But it definitely would have been fun with friends along to share the fun.

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Having rented both, my vote is for the Cabana, especially if you split the cost with someone. On a hot sunny day, the clamshell gets very hot inside (even if you lift the back to vent it). The Cabana has more space, AC, and other perks (at least with HAL).

We have rented the cabana/bungalow on both HMC and Princess Cay. I think we prefer HMC, but Princess has recently put in some upgrades so we will be checking that out next March.

This was our view from our Cabana

The only complaint we had was the since we were in the next to last Cabana, it was not an easy walk from the dock and the beach waitstaff only showed up once. People we talked to closer to the dock had better service. But it was an easy walk into the water, which was AWESOME. I could have stayed there all week.


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Never rented the clamshell -- but if you do -- take a book to prop up the back side for air circulation.

HAL's prices for the Cabanas are more expensive. We rented one years ago when it is was only $50 -- loved it. Don't feel it is worth the $299 for 2 people.


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Terry...I haven't rented the HAL cabana but we did a bungalow on Princess Cays one year (very similar)! I would not want to go to a Private Island again and not have access to one! If you are sharing the cost it is well worth the money! Go for it!