Clarification - Community Board



Hi, I just want to help clarify things about my decision of refocusing things back to cruise and community related conversations. Thats really what is being asked.. nothing more or less. Cruise Addicts is at its heart a CRUISE lovers community. We talk about cruise travel and all the things that we enjoy about it. I'm asking that we not forget this.

I understand and enjoy the community aspect and the Off Topic nature also. The sharing of our lives as well. However, I also understand that this can overshadow our true focus at times. I think its absolutely wonderful that people here have made deep friendships and share personal aspects of their lives with each othe. I'm part of this community just like you. This is why I'm investing allot of money into Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms that will enable real time communication amongst our members.

This being said, I'm once again asking that we focus more on our uniting topic.. CRUISE TRAVEL and our Community on the community board. For most people this means to keep posting what you've been posting. For others it may mean a slight change. The AFT Deck was created as an alternative for some who wanted to request prayer, talk about health concerns, pet concerns and life issues. You may also feel the NEED to post something that DOES NOT fit within the other boards. The AFT Deck should not become another Community Board. Its just a place to be given the oppurtunity to keep posting those things that MAY not fit on the Community Board anymore. I don't think we need to attempt to make a list of what is and isn't allowed on the community board.. because when you think about it.. its quite broad. I just ask that you re-focus back to cruise and community topics.

The users who visit Cruise Addicts want to talk about their joy for cruising and the love of travel. Everyone has heartaches and pain at home. Its important that our most important board be a happy place. Users come to here to escape from these harsh realities. People take cruises to escape from tough jobs, health issues and sadness. Since the most popular board is the Community Board.. its essential that we put our most positive, cruise and community related conversations out front for all visitors. This is why I've asked for a re-focusing. Because users want to ask questions, share experiences and the love of cruise travel.

Most users who have been part of this community have been doing this naturaly for many years. So don't change or feel you need to.