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Cloud 9 Spa Room on the Carnival Dream

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Lucy Rob, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Lucy Rob

    Lucy Rob New Member

    Looking for any and all advice, reviews and tips for the Carnival Dream. Travelling in February with husband and 2 kids.
  2. Caribbean Kitty

    Caribbean Kitty Well-Known Member

    I'm posting via iPad right now, so I can't give you a lot of details, but the Dream is our favorite ship thus far out of out 8 Carnival cruises! We had an obstructed view Spa cabin, and it was our best room ever! Loved it even more than our ext. Balcony on the Miracle! The location was great, service excellent, and spa a nice little perk. The deck in front of our cabin was like a huge secret "semi-private" balcony. We never encountered anyone out there except for embarkation day!
    My daughter was 5 last year when we sailed, and the proximity to the pools, big screen, hot tubs, ice-cream, and Camp Carnival was a huge plus for both of us!
    Only negative about the cabin was that it was at the very front, so there was some motion felt more than mid ship. Also, it seemed noisier than other cabins because of rattling, knockings, and other miscellaneous ship noises in addition to the ice machine/supply closet adjacent to us.

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