How was your alaska trip? You had said you were going canoeing at Spirit Lake in the Yukon. Can you tell me a little about their horseback riding too? Sure would like to here your comments. Thanks.


you can find my LONG review in the review part of the CA board. Star Princess 8/9/03. Alaska was wonderful.... the most beautiful place on the planet we have been to so far. We did the car to Carcross but it was so windy up there the lakes were too rough for canoeing at Spirit lake..can't tell you about the horseback riding..think that is the same excursion as thru the ship??? My husband and son did the canoe trip to Mendenhall glacier and it was their favorite activity of the cruise.
Cruise itself had some glitches that made it frustrating for this obsessive cruise planner... we would like to go again to make it to the places we missed. Not too fond of cold weather cruising tho.
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Chris Mitchell