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Coffee Cafe

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by marigail, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. marigail

    marigail Active Member

    Does anyone know if the Grand Princess has the deal where you buy a coffee card, which entitles you to their specialty lattes, etc. and unlimited brewed coffee? We did that on our last cruise, and it was far superior than the coffee offered in the dining rooms. Thanks!
  2. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Well-Known Member

    :doubleup:...they *Do* on all the Princess fleet ships.....enjoy....
  3. Snowblower

    Snowblower Well-Known Member

    Hot chocolate too!!!!

    One other thing is if you plan on cruising Princess again the coffee card purchased on one ship will be accepted on any other ship in their fleet if it still has punches on it.
  4. marigail

    marigail Active Member

    Thank you so much for answering this question. I've been searching the on-line information on the Princess home page to no avail. I do remember how much we enjoyed this. We aren't soda drinkers at all, but we do appreciate good coffee, and are looking forward to this part!
  5. nctraveler54

    nctraveler54 Active Member

    Been reading a lot of the posts preparing for a cruise on the Crown this fall. I too have been looking for info regarding soda and coffee cards but no luck. I assume they can be purchased only after you board, not in advance. I take it, the coffee card is punched each time you got a cup or is it more an unlimited thing, trying to get a handle on the last punch thing. Best I remember, the soda deal is a cup/glass that you are able to get refilled as needed. Anyone have the price/cost of these cards?

    Just the wife and I taking this trip so far, she wants to see Canada; I want to check out Boston. Been a while since we took a cruise, really looking forward to it.

  6. Einstein

    Einstein Well-Known Member

    The Soda Card will run about $5 per day and U do NOT have to use the mug they give U. U can juts show your card and ask for a glass form any bar. :doubleup:

    Coffee Card should run $25 for 15 cups. Another note is the Hot Chocolate is basically a Swiss Miss package that they just add Hot Water to. :(
  7. michelsheps

    michelsheps Banned

    cruising we are ready to avail these next season
  8. JimandJerry

    JimandJerry Active Member

    One other note on the coffee card!

    On the Princess ships with the International Cafe, you can get brewed coffee free by showing your coffee card (as long as it has at least one punch left). My wife keeps one card with a single punch left, just for the International Cafe (she loves her coffee). I don't know about the Grand Class ships, maybe someone else on the board knows.


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