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coffee cards?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by sugar, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. sugar

    sugar Guest

    :couplei thought i read somewhere that you can buy a coffee card on princess[real coffee] has anyone ever bought one?
  2. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    the coffee card is for specialty coffees. $27 for 15 cups.
    the coffee card is not for unlimited amount.

    But it does give you unlimited amount of fresh brewed coffee for free
  3. cjbee

    cjbee Guest

    Thanks for that info. I think my DH would use that all up.
  4. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    "an unlimited amount of fresh brewed coffee for free"

    Are you telling me they charge for plain old coffee?! I understand charging for specialty coffees. I don't like it but, I understand.

    This nickel and diming in ruining cruising !
  5. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Ala Carte is coming to your nearest Cruise Line soon Gayle V. =shrug
  6. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    That is what I'm afraid of.

    It's so sad. Cruising WAS fun, while it lasted.
  7. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Gayle, there is still plenty of free coffee to be had. The charge, as I understand it, is for coffee that is made from fresly ground beans as opposed to the syrup that is what we've been drinking for free all along--and that engenders complaints from so many people!
  8. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    Beryl is correct from what I have read and discussed with Princess. Sailing on the Star 3/10/07 and I plan on getting the coffee card and hubby is getting the coke card! lol

    I will let you all know when I return!
  9. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I leave on Sunday-- on the CAribbean Princess. I will try the free coffee in the buffet and the dining room. I am not a coffee snob and can drink any kind of coffee.. If the stuff that is free is not drinkable I will get coffee for a fee.
  10. hyymom

    hyymom Guest


    We sailed on the Star 1/6/07. The coffee is available 24 hrs a day at the Horizon Court and always free. We also ordered a pot of coffee from room service every morning. No charge (other than they like a small tip for room service). My husband drinks a lot of coffee (all day long) and said it was good.

    I have posted pictures and my comments/diary on our personal website. If you would like more info on the Star visit

    Star Princess Pictures/Comments

  11. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    hyymom - loved your photos - hope you had a great trip!

    Where did you stay pre-cruise?
  12. hyymom

    hyymom Guest

    Hi Donna,

    We stayed at the Comfort Inn Airport/Cruise Port South in Hollywood, FL. This worked out very well. They have free shuttle from the airport and to the cruise port. We retrieved our luggage and called the hotel. They arrived within 10 minutes. If you arrive a day early, the have rental cars available in the lobby. There is a shopping mall a block away that has a K-Mart to pick up any last minute items you need. We bought bottled water, soda and snacks. Get your name on the shuttle list to the cruise port ASAP. No one told us that we needed to reserve early and we ended up on one of the last shuttles. Still worked out OK because the check in line at the ship was pretty quick.
  13. JimandJerry

    JimandJerry Guest

    Hi Connie,

    We plan to stay at the Comfort Inn you mentioned. However, since booking two nights Oct 25th and 26th we have read some extremely bad comments from guests. How clean did you find the rooms and the hotel in general?
  14. here are some reviews of said hotel. A few good ones but more bad than good.
    Comfort Inn reviews

  15. JackS

    JackS Guest

    The coffee card is a wonderful idea for those that really enjoy their coffee. Not that coffee in the dining room, buffet, and room service is made from concentrated syrup that in my opinion tastes like coffee that has been left on the burner for many hours. It is bitter too.

    The only places you can get fresh BREWED coffee is at the bars. Princess recently started charging $1.00 for each cup as part of a "cost cutting" measure. If you purchase the coffee card you can get unlimited fresh brewed coffee anytime you like. You will also get the 15 servings of some specialty coffees, but not all. At $27 that works out to $1.80 per serving for coffees that generally are priced at $2 to $4. It is a bargain anyway you look at it.

    I am up early each morning and go down and have an espresso and several cups of fresh brewed coffee before the DW gets up. I found it to be a great deal.
  16. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    I got the card on Crown Princess last year and loved it. Coffee is much better than the buffet stuff.
  17. lecach

    lecach Guest

    I purchased the coffee card on Caribbean Princess last week. I had a daily latte and usually a cappucino at dinner. DH had an occasional latte. Most of the bars would only give you a small cappucino with the card but some bartenders gave the large. However I found NO one to give me fresh brewed coffee. I asked at the bars and in the dining rooms and they all looked at me like I was crazy - and brought the syrup coffee. Maybe Caribbean Princess doesn't have fresh brewed? I enjoyed the lattes/cappucinos though and though the price was a good deal.
  18. Savings aside, we found the card to be a great convenience. Our lattes actually cost us more per drink because we didn't utilize all fifteen punches on the card. We still found the card worthwhile because of the convenience. The cost of our card was $27.60; broken down, that is, $24.00 for the fifteen beverages plus $3.60 tip.
  19. lecach

    lecach Guest

    It was definately convenient. No slips to sign, no cruise card to dig out. And since DH and I shared a card we used all 15 punches. I would buy it again.
  20. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    [quote lecach] Maybe Caribbean Princess doesn't have fresh brewed? I enjoyed the lattes/cappucinos though and though the price was a good deal.[/quote]

    The best place I got my large brewed coffee was the Lobby bar- located atrium on the Plaza deck.
    Two sized-the large was 16oz for 1.00

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