coffee cards?



I have just booked my first cruise with Princess. This will be our 13th cruise. We are each paying $420.00 per day (this does not include air fare) and Princess is going to charge me for the 3 cups of coffee that I drink with my meal during the day! The cruises that I have been on had very small cups. Don't like that very well. It is the principal of the charge.

Lots of Sunshine


Sunshine-- you can get a cup of coffee for free or you can pay for it. Its all personal choice.

I didnt buy the card--nor did I like the free stuff either. So i got one each morning at the lobby bar as those people seem to make it the best.

Gayle V

You know that coffee card would be a really nice idea for a Travel Agent's gift, instead of the usual alcohol (wine) that some of us aren't supposed to be drinking.


On the Diamond I ordered room service coffee many days because of the cruising in Glacier Bay,etc. I never bought a coffee card and this was free. I am addicted to coffee and found no problem like you are describing.

Cruise cutie

I adore the fresh brewed coffee served in the Dining Rooms..we get it every night .. and it is Divine!!.. the Horizon Court stuff is "the syrup kind" .. not my favorite but what a whole flock of us were doing..:grin fill the cup 1/3rd with boiling water from the "tea tap' then adding the coffee, and then my cream and sugar.. and that was good.. we also purchased the "coffee card"..and that coffee was YUMMO!!

Hmm I think I =adore you Serene..:grin.. go figure.. all my Princess cruises.. and I did not know about the fresh brewed for a buck at the Atrium Bar...I never even drank coffee in my life till I was 33 years old.. and to be honest; at 47 years old.. NOW .. I am a snob because of it.NOT Starbucks snob.. that's rediculous.. just really good flavour.. and not the syrup... I only need ONE cup in the AM .. and I'm so happy.. and so guess Mark, and I will trip down to the Atrium and get a cuppa.. and be on our way..:grin..thanks Serene!!..Happy Princess cruising all.!!.:)..Joanne


i am not a coffee snob either-- I can take it or leave it. Mostly leaeve it during the day-- but that morning one-- better be good.

I did try it various places on the CB-- in the dining room. sabatinis.
at the horizon court--which was the worse. I tried room service.. in the morning on monday I figured lets try paying the buck... the guy was super nice. I tipped him extra at the end since it was he who was there all week making my coffee.

(for future reference-- i am wondering should i tip as i go along-- or is once at the end of the week enough