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Coffee on Princess Ships

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Robert in the Hudson Valley, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. I heard that the coffee on Princess ships is not the greatest. Did you experience bad coffee on your cruises aboard Princess ships?

  2. jas2

    jas2 Guest

    I've not had bad coffee on Princess ships. In fact, I think it was the Grand Princess that had the best coffee I've ever tasted.
  3. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    Hubby and I are coffee snobs. Yes, there, I've said it :grin We like our coffee good and strong and the Princess coffee just doesn't do the trick. It is reconstituted, so it begins as a syrup. It's not disgusting, but doesn't satisfy us. We bring a plastic french press so we can have at least one strong cup in the morning.
  4. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    The coffee in the Dining Rooms is fresh brewed from beans and awesome..WHoo HOO..however..the buffet coffee is that syrup..and so STRONG I cheat by using the hot boiled water from the tea water urn , and THEN add the coffee, and then half and half,and then it's pretty OK..sigh..to brew coffee for the thousands in the buffet is more understandable.The coffee bars with cappuchino's and latte's I ve heard is awesome too...enjoy!!..:)..Joanne
  5. cruise crazy

    cruise crazy Guest

    Ive had room service coffee and the dining room coffee on the Caribbean Princess and had no complaints. I also say to each their own!!!!!!!!
  6. captain jack

    captain jack Guest

    My girlfriend and i have no complants about the coffee on the Golden Princess.
  7. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    My wife and I were on the Golden last October and we really didn't notice the coffee being that bad. Tasted ok to us! :USA:AL
  8. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    I am one of those really picky coffee people, and I just can't bare the the thought of running to the specialty coffee cafe and paying $3.50 every time I needed a cup of coffee, so I bought my own mini-Mr Coffee and a package of ground Italian Roast Starbucks and packed them up and presto.....fresh coffee in the cabin at 5:30 am :) In years past I have found the coffee on all cruises quite weak with exception of the dining room, but even in the diningroom now expresso and such is for a nominal fee....
  9. www

    www Guest

    I just came off of the Princess Star, April 18-24th. The coffee was so good I could believe it! I went with my family and we all raved about how good it was.
  10. RRL

    RRL Guest

    I was on the Coral Princess last year and one of the really interesting things they showed us during the tour of the kitchen was the coffee station. The coffee is made at one location and literally piped to all of the coffee locations throughout the ship. The coffee that is piped to the Horizon Buffet is the same as the coffee piped to the dining rooms.

    I am not sure that I am a “coffee snob,†but good coffee is important to me. I would describe the coffee as good, but not great. It was comparable to what I usually get at a good restaurant (just about the only time I get “great†coffee is when I make it). It is definitely drinkable. I don’t know about the other Princess ships – I can only speak for the Coral Princess.
  11. Olga

    Olga Guest

    I agree about the coffee being as good as in most restaurants, but not as good as Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. We were on the Golden Princess and in fact, I thought the Buffet coffee was BETTER than the Dining Room coffee. Go figure...
  12. bob barrows

    bob barrows Guest

    We were on Golden and we drowned in coffee. To us Brits its far better than the tea!
    We never made the bar where you get Capuccino in the afternoons, we are on Caribbean this August where is that bar?
  13. kruznut

    kruznut Guest

    :wave I am indeed a coffee drinker. Gotta have it ! I have no complaints about the coffee on Princess ships. Especially the coffee served in the dining room. It is excellent ! Again, I think the coffee issue is subjective too. :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump
  14. The best coffee on cruise ship was on Grand Princess.
  15. tutak

    tutak Guest

    The Boss and I have never had a bad cup of coffee on Princess. However, we are sophisticated coffe drinkers and hate Starbucks coffee.
  16. richnsht

    richnsht Guest

    The coffee is made from a coffee syrup, not beans. If you doctor your coffee (milk sugar) it has a nice "coffe candy" type of taste. My wife who drinks it black, said it was horrible. However we went to the "lobby bar" daily, for a nominal charge you can get fresh ground expressos, cappichinos, lattes, etc. These items were great!
  17. I drink plenty of coffee, live and Seattle and don't like Starbucks either. I think coffee is very subjective and to each your own. I am travelling with my mom and she is very fussy about her coffee, so I told her to pack her small coffee pot and bring some coffee. Can't imagine 17 days on the Diamond with her if she doesn't like the coffee:)


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  18. ch12

    ch12 Guest

    Sailed on the Grand Princess March 2005. Very good coffee!!!
  19. herb

    herb Guest

    the best coffee I've ever had on a cruise was the one I didn't have to brew myself :grin

    We're not picky and never found the coffee to be as bad as some make it out to be. Everyone's tastebuds are different.
  20. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    The best cup of coffe on a ship is the one you get at about sunrise, take out on deck and enjoy with a dash of salt air! The syrup in those big coffee urns varies in consistency throughout the day. I usually pour a bit, eyeball it and add hot water if it looks too thick. You can always bring a stong cup into a good tasting zone, but weak coffee is unpardonable and unrescuable and I've never encountered a weak brew aboard ship.

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