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Coki Beach or Megan's Bay in St. Thomas?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by BahamaMama, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. BahamaMama

    BahamaMama Guest

    What's the difference between these two beaches? Do either of them have unbrellas and chairs you can rent? If we go to Coral World I guess it would be convienient to just walk next door to Coki Beach, but not sure it's as nice as Megan's Bay. So what's the difference between them?
  2. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    Can't speak for meghans beach
    but I have been to coki

    we went on the beach and started to walk down it and about 1/2 way down a man
    stopped us and said that we couldn't go any further or we would have to pay to go back to the other side??
    don't really know what he meant by this
    but we walked back
    the beach is not real big . maybe about 100 - 125 yards long
    but the swimming was awesome and the snorkeling was very nice there was a whole lot of fish
    I did not see any changing areas or restrooms but they could have been there

    they do have people that will rent you chairs and such
    and they have alot of vendors selling drinks and a huts selling drinksand snacks
    we had one guy wait on us that was a hoot...he made the adventure a blast
    we still laugh about him

    the beach itself was nice but it took awhile to get there on a bus (20-30 min) but the scenery was spectacular as long as you don't watch the traffic (it's kinda scary at times :) )

    have fun
  3. We did both....Megans Bay is nice as far as the atmosphere, but not much to do here at ALL.

    We went to Coki that afternoon and wished we had stayed there all day long....much more in terms of water activities and the snorkeling is AWESOME! If you just want to see Megans bay, go for it, but I'd spend much more time at Coki beach!
  4. BahamaMama

    BahamaMama Guest

    Thanks so much for the info. Sounds like Coki Beach is the one for us. Then when we have had enough of the sun and sand we would like to head into town and go shopping before heading back to the ship. Any advice on where to tell the cabby to take us?
  5. RetiredLDO

    RetiredLDO Guest

    Go to magens bay in the am, and then over to saphirre beach in the afternoon, coki beach is to crowded Rent a car, we always do and get to see more.


  6. If you do end up going to Coki beach, when you take your cab back, you can just tell them you want to be dropped off in downtown area for shopping. Then when done there you can get another cab to take you to the pier.

    Here's how we did it (we're family of 5 there last July) All went in van cab to Coral World/Coki, for $7 per person, so $35 to get there plus a tip. (other people also rode there in the same van as us). On way back, DH & DS wanted to go to the ship, girls & I wanted to shop, so we asked to be taken to downtown and then the cab proceeded to take DH & DS to ship. Still cost us $35 + tip. Then when girls & I were done shopping, we got another cab to take us to the pier (can't remember how much we spent on this "leg" of the journey). Was pretty simple, as I recall. Although shopping was quite a bit higher in St. Thomas then the day before at St. Marteen. Wish I had known that ahead of time, I'd have done all my shopping on the day prior!
  7. Dynaribbon

    Dynaribbon Guest

    Ok I have a question...We are doing the Sub at 10:15am then when done they drop us off at the same dock we have a reservation for the Screamin Eagle at like 11:30...we made reservations straight through the activitym, not through the cruise. Anyway...anyone know how far it is from say, the Atlantis Sub dock to Coki beach/Coral World? We were planning on taking a taxi to the pier where the Sub is, doing the sub & screamin eagle, then taking a taxi to Coki beach & relaxing and walking to Coral World abefore heading either into town or back on the ship, depending on how long we stay at Coki beach. I have heard from quite a few different people for 1st timers Coki beach is the way to ge because there is alot to do. Any thoughts?
  8. mek1

    mek1 Guest

    Which would be better for kids to go on? Coki or Maegen's?
  9. Nisha

    Nisha Guest

    I just got back off the Destiny and our first stop was St. Thomas. I went to Coki beach because our taxi driver said that was the clearest water of Coki, Sapphire and Megan's Bay. My friends went to Sapphire and said they didn't see any fish swim with them, while we had PLENTY of fish swimming with us. I loved the fruit juices that they were selling and my sister enjoyed about 2 banana daiquiris.

    We rented chairs and there were plenty of vendors to sell you any and everything to make sure that you were comfortable and to assure they got some money (ha-ha-ha)

    We had a great time at Coki Beach
  10. mek1

    mek1 Guest

    Thanks so much for the help!
    Have a great day! :)
  11. carolee

    carolee Guest


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