Complain, complain


Mr. Utley

I just read a one star review of the Legend. I feel sorry for anyone who can't have fun on a cruise. And, if someone is looking for white glove service, why are they booking on Carnival in the first place?


I have a saying........two, actually...the first is, "You vacation is what YOU make it".....the second is, "there are some people who, if given a million dollars, would complain because the money was dirty."

'Nuff said.


Yes, read the post here from sodey. I think Mellissa hit that one right. Maybe she should go to Windstar cruises or Windjammer. I think Cunard might be substandard for her too. Or maybe START HER OWN CRUISE LINE!! :lol


I just cant stand people who think they are gonna go on a cruise and get waited on hand and foot along with 2500 some odd other passengers?? If you want that type of service than neither carnival rccl, or princess is gonna be able to meet anyones expectatins, perhaps maybe celeberity with i think its calle dconierge level, where you get your own butler, if they even still have that, ofcourse i have yet to see a celebrity cruise for 110.00 per person per day, but it just amazes me how many people think that a cruise is all about them, ofcourse its their vacation they paid their hard earned money for, but you cant expect it from a regular cruiseline. Im sure though if thats the type of service she really wants , her next bitch and moan would have been that crystal is TOO EXSPENSIVE, and their prices are rediculous, theres just no pleasing some poeple, and they are better off taking a week off , and moping at home :)


Consult her children??? thats a good one, that will NEVER happen in my house, Im the parent....
Im suprised she would consult her children seemings as she seems to RULE with an iron fist......

I definitely had to laugh at the no seating comment... its assigned seats, so unless she went to the WRONG dining room, or wrong seating than i think she has her head up her hiney....

As far as the spilled drink, yeah it probably sucked to be sticky, but wipe off change your clothes, and have a good day,,, im sure that the purser would have ben more than happy to give her a free dry cleaning or something, golly what this world coming to when human beings cant have accidents??

Would she also like to be fed her food as well, jeesh....


Wow- thats truly sad. I did read some good in there-- not much but there were some.
I have the camp capers and looking at it I do see where kids do play board games but its only for like an hour in the morning. and if the 8 year old was on a carnival before he still would have been with the 6-8 year olds. that is the policy of the cruiselines. Royal has the same thing going.

I have never ever seen a crew member hollar at far as the people not responding back-- these people are not US citizens andprobably do not speak very good english- give them a break..after all they are cleaning your mess.

And in the buffet area while staff are standing behind you-- maybe its their wait station to stand there until something needs to be done. (I did see this a few times--I dont think they were waiting for you to get wow. Anyone else on the same cruise???


I have to stick up for this woman, even if I don't agree with her style of critique. I had the exact same feelings about my cruise on Inspiration, last spring.

1) The decor was AWFUL (but who really cares, I'm on a cruise!)
2) The staff, exept for those assigned directly to me like wait staff and room steward, were unfriendly and at times, even rude. (but who cares, because they aren't assigned to me. Ok, I care a little bit when the lady at the desk is a total B@#$% to me)
3) The ship was overly crowded, and it was impossible to find privacy outside of the stateroom.
4) The food was not always what was advertised. Many times it looked much better than it tasted, especially the deserts. (but, a lot of things were VERY yummy also!)
5) I did experience the wait staff 'hovering' while I was trying to enjoy a leisurely meal. I'm sorry, but even if they are assigned to stand there, it is incredibly annoying to have someone standing over you while you try to eat. Couldn't they move just a little bit? And quit starring directly at my plate? Please?

I think this woman is probably not meant for the cruising life, and she forgot to mention some of the good things she may have experienced. But she is not entirely wrong or crazy.


I just have to address a few things here. Now, I have never been on Carnival before but I have HEARD from several people what it's like. I have not purposefully done any research on them because I'm not planning to cruise with them. And this woman, who has presented herself as an "experienced cruiser", should have done her homework and found out the same I have. She should have known that:

1. Carnival is known for their "colorful" decor.
2. Their food is NOT gormet
3. They're known for their more "lively" crowds
4. You get what you pay for. They are a touch cheaper than most cruiselines, so you're not going to recieve "white glove" service.

Some of these things may not be all true all the time, but this is the reputation they have.

Yes, she probably should have had a little better service and she did have a right to complain in some areas. But, if she had done enough research she probably would've known a few of these things beforehand.


This was posted by a C@ member over on the community boards.. I think he/she nailed it

I almost think there is something theatrical about the review. Sounds like it should be a review from an English Magazine called "Field & Stream", or perhaps "Our England". Or Lastly a lavish House and Garden type magazine.
Nothing wrong about being hard to please. But the review is a little overboard. Almost tongue in cheek.


Ummm, I have to say something here -- I just got back from a Windjammer cruise and it is not what you think it is or maybe you mean Windstar???? Sure it's a sailing ship, but the cabins are tiny, there's no spa or cocktail lounge, or casino. It's like roughing it but you get great food and drinks and excellent shore excursions and are taken care of but it is nothing like a megaliner. No dressing up - at all. It's shorts and t shirts and swimsuits, even in the dining Saloon. Everyone has windblown hair, etc... Oh yeah and they have "Wet bathrooms", you close the bathroom door and turn on the shower. Then wipe down the sink and toilet afterwards.


WOW, I just read that review because of this thread. And If I right right, I believe that there is another thread about this person and her review

It seems that the woman went on carnival because she saw where they were supposed to be the 'fun' ships. Unfortunately, she didn't homework to see that carnival's meaning of fun and her meaning of fun were two different things.

Carnival might be cheap to her and I may be part of the masses, but carnival cruises are my thing, I can afford it and I don't need a butler. There are still people out there who can not afford even a carnival cruise. Perhaps the woman can send someone else on a cruise for herself.

If the woman ever does think of cruising again, she will need to get a cd player and headphones and listen for 6 hours a day, for a year before the cruise---(as one of our cruise-addict's always says)--YOUR WORST DAY ON A CRUISE IS BETTER THAN YOUR BEST DAY AT WORK!


ps I have some free bungee cords for this woman if she cruises again.


I am ashamed to say that I also live in Vegas - don't know this woman and after reading her review don't want to. I have been on 6 Carnival cruises and have 2 more booked and have always had a great time. If I wanted gourmet food I would eat out in Vegas. However I'm looking at a beautiful ocean and looking forward to awsome ports and shore tours and meeeting new and wonderful people, etc. Don't know what she expected, but hope she never comes into the casino I work in or plays at one of the table I supervise. Katie


Ok...I had to go read it after all that had been written.

I don't for a minute think this review was tongue and cheek. I think that she should have gone on a different cruiseline (post above about no homework would appear to be correct). It's obvious from the way she wrote that she's well educated with more money than most of us. What surprised me was that her son had been on Carnival before and enjoyed it....yet was displeased this time. However, if she was complaining from day one then it doesn't surprise me that he would too. (Plus it could have been a newer ship he was on before where improvements have been made.)

The poster above who suggested Celebrity with it's Consierge cabins...that include fruit baskets... would have been better for her is probably right. However, I'm not sure what their children's program is like.
Then again...the cost per day may not afford what she would be looking for -at that price - either.

I have to admit that even though the review blasted the Legend she did have some good things to say about embarkation and the Golden Fleece at least it wasn't totally negative.


Had to go read...can't pay for that kind of entertainment; wish I had some popcorn.

Sounds like she liked the


o my gosh that lady really made me mad just ranting on like that. I will be taking my first cruise on the Conquest in December. If I hadn't done my homework first she might have made me think twice. I am so excited about my upcoming trip. I feel like a little kid waiting for christmas. I am with all of you a vacation is what you make it so be happy and enjoy.