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Complain, complain

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Mr. Utley, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    Although my wife and I found a lot to be desired on our recent Carnival Celebration we also said many times that being on the cruise was better than being at work. That also means that we don'thave to accept obviously bad food service and conditions on our cruise.

  2. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    This is how we handle problems........
    We booked a six night stay at the Moon Palace in Cancun a few years back.........we booked it about six months in advance, and saved all year for it. Got there, and a TROPICAL DEPRESSION settled in at the END of the FIRST DAY. It rained the ENTIRE TIME we were there...........HARD rain..........STRONG winds....TREES actually blew over (the palm trees)...........you know what? WE HAD A BLAST!
    This is how OTHER people FIND problems..............
    The resort had TWELVE restaurants, of which about eight served buffet-style each night. Do the math. LOTS of choices. They had people who were complaining because they couldn't find anything good to eat. GIVE ME A BREAK! STAY HOME AND COOK FOR YOURSELF!
    My point is, you WILL have fun if you WANT to have fun, but you ALSO WILL find something to complain about if you WANT to complain.
    We are going on the Sensation in June, and we already can type the first line of our trip report, which will be, "We had a GREAT time."
    Glad to see most people agree, your vacation is what you make it. To the others......I feel sorry for ya.
  3. lawilliams

    lawilliams Guest

    If someone is looking for good service, good food, & good company - a reasonable and prudent person would stay away from Carnival. On the other hand, if one is looking to stay drunk and party like it is 1985 with parachute pants, big bangs, & poofy skirts - Carnival is without a doubt perfect!
  4. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    Alrighty then, we're back to square 1! That statement hasn't been true SINCE 1985.
  5. lawilliams

    lawilliams Guest

    Is too true, have you seen those poofy skirts & big hair? Its scary!
  6. Jagator88

    Jagator88 Guest

    Retro is in!!!!!
  7. lainie

    lainie Guest

    And CARNIVAL IS GREAT! Been on this line 6 times since 2000 and never a problem. Always great service and a truly awesome time!! But I don't want to feed any trolls here so I'm going to stop looking at additions to this thread...
  8. lawilliams

    lawilliams Guest

    I guess I am a troll and didn't even know it. Sorry folks, I just thought this was a board where we posted our OPINIONS and, from what I learned in school, nobodys OPINION is ever wrong. Someone may disagree with it, but that does not mean it is wrong. GEESUMCROW
  9. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    I agree you ain't a troll, law. Beyond the poofy skirts tho, your statement was pretty extreme...
  10. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    True Ken ,
    I also know its a sad day when we have nothing better to do but read the 1 star posts ha ha ha ha... I skip over those ones because they are usually the guys that got sea sick or something. None of those 1 star posts can change my attitude on a cruise. I still love them just as much.. The ones that complain aren't real cruise addicts!
  11. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Law, you aren't giving an opinion, you're slamming Carnival, as usual..........LOL. Another one of those people who enjoy complaining..........sad, but entertaining! LOL.
  12. kimmy

    kimmy Guest

    Well, Law, looks like you could use some company taking these arrows.

    I think you put it quite accurately and I share your opinions of Carnival and the cruise experience they offer. I am a frequent cruiser and have sailed aboard CCL twice, once aboard the Fantasy and once aboard Inspiration. Both were chosen by someone else and I went along for the ride. Neither were trips I would ever repeat, nor would I spend my money on a Carnival cruise.

    I think Carnival is great for a lot of folks, because it certainly seems that many were having a good time on my two sailings. It is, however, most definitely NOT for me. And apparently it was not a good choice for the reviewer. I agree that she should have done her homework or relied on the advice of a good travel agent. Celebrity or Radiance class on RCI would have suited her needs much better, IMO. They certainly meet mine.
  13. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    My second posting on this thread. As bad as we found the food preparation there were still good points. You just have to accept carnival isn't HAL or other cruise lines. We had fun, rested up from work and immediately started planning our next cruise. You take the good with the bad, make a reasonable complaint about it, you don't have to just accept it as normal and try to enjoy some of the cruise. My wife tightened me up about my complaining real fast and I didn't ruin the rest of our cruise. After the cruise we both agreed on most of the problems.. but that was after we were back home.

  14. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Good points, Jim! I usually completely discredit a review that is all bad.....who could have THAT bad of a time? I usually give the all good ones a little more merit because I can usually find at least a little good in eveything!

    But, I really like the idea about not talking about your compliants until you get home. That way, you don't ruin the trip, and sometimes one person isn't that upset until they "feed" off of the other person's anger.
  15. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    In my opinion you are a troll if you don't have any intention of cruising on Carnival. You aren't visiting this particular board for information, you are here simply to slam Carnival.
  16. cherbeth

    cherbeth Guest

    WOW We did cruise RCCL then two ships broke down we were 10 days to sailing when our agent said all that was left was two rooms Empress deck on the Carnival Sensation. Oh we had heard soooo many terrible things about CCL party party party well its a vacation we sucked it up and went. What a blast!!!. people of all ages infants to 90 yr olds. We chatted with people and asked why CCL? They all said the same afforadable, great service, food and entertainment. We did not get any more on those other cruise lines than we have received from Carnival. Keep it up CARNIVAL
    We found the food very comparable to RCCL as well as the shows. Our cabin staff excellent. We cannot say enough for CCL. We did get a 1/2 off from RCCL and decided to Try Celebrity now this was the worst cruise we had ever had. I cannot even start with why it was so awful. Since our Sensation in 1999.
    we have cruised 3 more CCL's and are about to leave March 13 for another. Our total is 9 and we will always book Carnival. We truly saw hardly a difference in RCCL on the snottyness of the people.
    Vacation mishaps happened all the time no matter how when and where. Like you all sais make the best of it. We had a wonderful time with my parents on that Celebrity and that we will cherish the ship oh we don't even like to mention the name.

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