Anyone ever complain about the small amount of island time one gets on the Eastern Carribbean (carnival legend)? Doesn't seem like a lot of time to spend there? Or is it enough to see and do what should be seen and done? Please name ONE area of interest NOT to miss on 1. San Juan 9 hrs. 2. St. Thomas 11 hrs 3. Tortola 7 hrs.

Thanks for your opinion and help.

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cruises typically give you a taste of each island... so the hours there tend to not be very long in many cases

In San Juan, be sure to check out El Morro fort.... In St. Thomas, I would head over to St. John's for a wonderful day at a lush island... Can't help you with Tortola.

Enjoy your cruise :wave


Actually, those seem like a lot of hours to me. Many itineraries I've been on give you a lot less time at some islands. Sometimes, you leave port at 1pm.


Ah Tortola, on Virgin Gorda do the Baths, if the tide is out you can climb through the boulders to Devils Bay, the water is so crystal clear there. It is just gorgeous, my favorite spot on earth. Enjoy.


We were on the Legend this past March but the southern route. During a conversation with the Captain, I asked that very question. He replied that although the Legend is one of the fastest ships at sea, they had to cut the shore time short in Martinique, our last port. Otherwise, we would have never made it back to Port Everglades on time.

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We loved Tortola go to the Baths in Virgin Gorda. Trunk Bay is a beautiful beach in St John.


I echo St. John for the St. Thomas stop -

Can't help you with the others...these days, hunny and I use a port day to book our spa treatments as they are usually at a discount on port days :)))) You tend to get a lot more attention!

Love those spa treatment!


I've seen that some cruise lines give more or even less times in port. So if your hooked on a certain itinerary shop around to find a cruise line that does that same destination. If its a varied time (like a stop that leaves at night) or a full day shop around.


You're fortunate that you'll have so much time in San Juan. I'd suggest visiting El Morro or one of the other forts. You can easily do this on your own, as in no need to take a ship tour.

I agree with the others regarding the Baths in Virgin Gorda. If it's your first time there, I'd recommend a ship tour if you are not familiar with the ferry schedules.

St. Thomas -- we usually go to Megan's Bay in the morning, followed by shopping in the afternoon. Or a side trip to St. John, which IMO is among the most beautiful places we've ever seen.


Will also be on the Legend in July, and the times in port are normal. Not crazy about the late afternoon/evening arrival in San Juan, but the Legend has been known to arrive as early as 2pm. El Morro or the Bacardi factory would be my choices if I was a first timer, but I'll probably just stay aboard ship. St. Thomas has a MULTITUDE of things to do. Trunk Bay over in St. Johns or Magen's Bay are two of my favorite beaches. If you're looking for a party, hop on the Kon Tiki. Be sure to leave some time to take the tram up to Paradise Point. Wonderful views from up there. In Tortola, head over to Virgin Gorda and the Baths. Afterwards stop at Pussers for the "Painkillers". Enjoy!!!


I can't account for the port times, but I took that very same itinerary on CL, if you notice, Tortola is where you spend the least amount of time. Being that Carnival Legend is Registered in Panama, she MUST go to a foreign port before she returns home. So, Tortola is one of those, "Have to" stops is all.

I know every one is saying go to the Baths while I have no doubts this is a paradise, may I suggest you go and experience the dolphin encounter.

I love to see things I can't see normally, but I like to get physically involved.

They are marvelous, intelligient creatures, and the 45 mins just doesn't seem enough time with them. With no stretching of the truth, you dance, hug, kiss hold , do tricks, and feed them. It's perfectly safe, they have you put on good heavy duty life vests, so floating there in the warm caribbean waters is second nature.

There is also a Dophin experience. Here you stand on a platform of sorts, and while they swim by you, you pet or feel them.

Either way, you will leave them with a feeling like you've never had before. I forgot to mention, they have someone there taking live video which you can take home with you. They add music, and make a nice little production, and you are the star!!

Anyhow, something to consider.


We were in Tortola in March. This is our opinion.

- No Shopping to speak of. What there was -overpriced.
- Not much to see in the way of historic sites or touristy stuff
- The botanical Gardens are a bit of a joke

We took the $20 Jitney tour of the island for a bout 3 hours. The scenery from the highest spots is breathtaking, but not for the feint of heart as there are no guard rails etc.

If we went again we would take a cab directly to Cane Garden Bay/Beach. This was one of the nicest beaches I have seen. the water was very warm and there were no waves just calm turquoise warm water. There were restrooms and refreshements available.


San Juan - if you get there earlier enough, go to El Morro fort (& check out the seaside cemetary beside it - very charming!) Also go to Pigeon Square, where for around $1.00, you can buy seed for the pigeons & they'll land on you - none of them pecked us, or pooped & we loved it! For dining, go to La Mallorquina (sp?), the oldest restaurant in Old San Juan - where all the movers & shakers eat - very reasonably priced & great, authentic Puerto Rican food.

St. Thomas - take the cable car up to the top & enjoy a Bushwacker while viewing the beautiful scenery.

Tortola - our favorite - take a cab to Cane Garden Bay - beautiful beach & a great restaurant with make your own rum punch drinks (you add as much rum as you want). They serve spiny lobster, which we'll try the next time we're there. I don't remember the name of the restaurant - (probably because of the rum punch!) LOL It's right on the beach, across from a motel or condo rental, 'cuz we were on an island bus tour.

Hope this helps!


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Last July we sailed on the Legend from NY. I felt the time spent in ports was enough, but there was a lot of sea time on this cruise. The Baths in Virgin Gorda are beautiful and well worth going. Everyone we spoke with really enjoyed the Baths. In St. Thomas we did some shopping and also had enough time to go to Megans Bay. In Puerto Rico we went to the rain forest. The rain forest was interesting, but I wouldn't recommend it due to the fact that with the traffic it took way over an hour to get there and one of the other tour buses from the ship was shot at.


Personally I'd love to find a cruise that made fewer stops but stayed late at a couple ports so people could experience the nightlife. I suppose they consider some ports too dangerous for this - maybe that's a consideration plus the complications of embarking, ship departure, etc in the dark.