Complimentary 8 Day Cruise? Anyone else get this postcard?


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Just send them an email tell them you want to get on their mailing list...................

Of course you will get on 10,000 other mailing lists but don't worry you will get the offer..:whistle:
Also received one of those Carnival Cruise Complimentary postcards. In fine print says that this promotion is not sponsored by or affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines (Under port of call 3). I myself would not trust it unless it came from Carnival themselves.
The CCL postcard I received today boldly states "complimentary...leaving from any major port, including Los Angeles" -- how handy; 60 min. drive from my house.... and they've been "trying to contact me" (no msgs on my answering machine) And that this is not for a time share or land sale offer.... My "scam alert" just kicked in...

The ultra ULTRA fine print says that restrictions apply & I'd be responsible for applicable taxes, fees and deposits and to call for details of participation; that this is a solicitation for a travel membership; that a 90 min presentation is required; that age, income and cohabitation requirements apply; and this promotion is not sponsored or affiliated with Carnival, but they are one of their major sponsors.

The upper left corner say Welcome Center, Springfield Court, Valenica, CA 91355 -- I googled the name and street. It's just an office building, with mostly real estate offices mentioned. Then I googled the phone # 855-336-5964 and found this surprising response: "The 855 area code appears to be a invalid, it may be "spoofed". Phone calls originating from within the 855 area code often turn out to be a telemarketer, a telephone survey or bill collector trying to disguise their real phone number."

My scam alert didn't let me down...
I got one of those cards on 21 January 2011 but you can't really tell from my card who it is from. Having a few minutes to waste, I decided to call. I'm still not sure who it is that I am talking to but they have a 90 minute "orientation" meeting in Valencia, CA at 25124 Springfield Court, Suite 170. I even made an appointment but, of course, I didn't go. I like you, didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Their pitch is that there is no catch at all. It's a free cruise just to acquaint you with their company and services with the hope that you will take more cruises and refer your friends also. At the meeting you must show up with a valid id like a driver's license and a valid credit card. Why, I wonder? I was hoping that some of you more intrepid members had actually gone to a meeting and could report on what happens. Oops: Found them on Yep, it's a scam!


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I got one of those recently. I can handle the 90 sales presentation, but I'm really not interested in a cruise in an inside room.